Where are Gevril Watches Made?

Where are Gevril Watches Made?

If you are a huge watch fan, you would recognize the name ‘Gevril Watches’. The Swiss corporation has a more than 250-year history and is currently one of the market’s luxury brands. Gevril watches provide distinctive classical styling blended with cutting-edge technology. They are designed for those who appreciate vintage timepieces and chronographs. This business offers a diverse selection of products and even operates a sub-brand named GV2 Watches.

Gevril watches are steeped in tradition, innovation, and history. Since 1758, these elegant wrist companions have stood the test of time thanks to their elegance, sleek designs, and practical functions. This article explores the Gevril watch brand’s history, manufacturing location, significant collections. Find out if Gevril is the right brand for you.

Where are Gevril Watches Made?

1.  Manufacture

Watches from Gevril are made in Switzerland, the birthplace of the watch industry. Gevril was founded by Samuel Friedman, a Swiss watchmaker, in 1990. Gevril provides retailers and shoppers with a wide range of high-quality watches that will meet their customers’ needs.

Although Friedmann chose to relocate the headquarters to the United States and the facility to New York, the brand maintains a plant in Switzerland, Gevril Horlogerie, where it continues to manufacture current Swiss-made models. While the brand does not develop its movements, they employ Swiss movements to maintain the brand’s high standards.

2. History of Formation and Development

Gevril Watches Founder

Jacques Gevril pioneered the watch industry with the launch of his namesake brand in Spain. Gevril was born in 1721 in La Chaux-de-Fonds. In 1743, he created his first chronometer, which launched his career. Together with Gevril’s devoted colleague Pierre Jaquet-Droz, they flew to Madrid to exhibit their collection of musical automata. This journey proved to be a watershed moment in his career, and it was in the aftermath of this pivotal event that the company was founded.

The History

In 1758, Jaquet-Droz decided to travel to Spain to exhibit his wares at the king’s court. Upon seeing the timepieces, King Ferdinand VI acquired them for 2,000 pistoles because he was pleased by them. Jacquet-Droz afterward returned to Switzerland, but Gevril remained in Madrid. He was designated ‘Royal Clockmaker’ by the monarch and spent the remainder of his career building clocks for royalty and honing his skills. Later generations continued the heritage of excellent watchmaking with names such as Daniel and Moyse Gevril. However, with the founder’s death, the company’s reputation deteriorated, and it gradually lost the name and recognition it had garnered initially.

Gevril’s Rebirth

Centuries later, the Gevril name was granted to a Swiss distributor. He exhibited Gevril watches at a Swiss show in 1995 after gaining the rights. In 2001, Swiss businessman Samuel Friedmann acquired the Gevril brand, intending to bring the timepieces into the current day. Each year, his Swiss factory, appropriately named Gevril Horlogerie, cranked out approximately 6,000 watches. Within a short period, the Gevril headquarters were relocated to New York.

This change resulted in Gevril watches being resurrected in the modern era. Avenue of Americas is the current collection, and the majority of the timepieces are named after famous Manhattan neighborhoods and landmarks. Gevril’s modern collections are gaining significant popularity as it continues to expand into American markets. In terms of the future of Gevril, the brand is devoted to creating one-of-a-kind timepieces while upholding the principles and ideals of Jacques.

Gevril’s Future

When Jacques founded the firm, he was determined to provide superior workmanship that radiated elegance and incomparable value. Gevril wants to achieve this with their abstract clocks in the future. As Gevril continues to conquer the masses, consumers are recognizing the brand’s exquisite combination of traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

Friedmann’s overarching purpose, he says, is to create “watches that matter.” Creating a diverse collection that appeals to a variety of styles, tastes, and interests is also critical. From pocket watches to classic watch bands, Gevril’s collection is diverse and stylish. With its enduring brilliance and global appeal, it’s reasonable to believe that Gevril will continue to be a prestigious watch brand for years to come.

3. Brand Reputation of Gevril

Gevril launched on a high note at its establishment. While designing clocks for a King is no easy task, creator Jacques Gevril rose to prominence at the time due to his ambition and love for fusing art with highly skilled workmanship. Regrettably, the company has seen upheaval as a result of many ownership changes, diminishing the brand’s initial aim and character.

Regardless of its turbulent past, Gevril has created some of the most amazing watches that will go down in history as industry pioneers. Due to the founders’ unwavering commitment, Gevril was able to create some remarkable designs that continue to perform properly even after decades. For this reason alone, Gevril will continue to be a respectable brand in the eyes of watch enthusiasts today.

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About GV2

Although Gevril Watches is not as well-known as other Swiss brands, it does have an interesting history and origin. Gevril Watches now owns a sub-brand named Gv2. GV2 watches mirror the parent company’s classical and contemporary aesthetic and are offered under the same roof.

These watches are ideal for those who want more modern watch designs and are unconcerned with the company’s traditional heritage. While many GV2 items have a traditional and nostalgic aesthetic, others, such as the Scuderia and Contrasecondi, have a more technological and future aspect.

If, on the other hand, you want to stay in touch with the ancient and historical Gevril concept, the 1758 pocket watch collection is a great place to start. The 1758 pocket watch line is reminiscent of and represents 18th-century fashion. Although obtaining an original Gevril pocket-watch will be difficult, the 1758 collection will suffice.

Are Gevril Watches Reliable?

With watch experts and rivals eager to hammer you at any chance in this dog-eat-dog climate, delivering pleasing quality is a difficult assignment. This is especially true given Gevril’s brief market existence. After all, this century marks the genuine start of Gevril’s modern period. You can tell a brand’s quality by comparing it with other brands in the same price range. We can gain a better sense of the value Gevril delivers by analyzing its style, durability, and mobility.


Beginning with the dial, undoubtedly the most vulnerable section of any watch, all Gevril watches include the industry’s greatest protection in the form of sapphire crystal glass. Additionally, the majority of Gevril models include an anti-reflective coating, which significantly improves reading and renders the crystal almost invisible. Cases are available in three materials: stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic. While all three are quite durable, the first is the most scratch-resistant, while titanium is the lightest.

Because several Gevril models include functioning bezels, it’s important noting that they’re made entirely of the same materials. What’s more, all watches include screw-down case backs and crowns, which significantly enhance water resistance. What’s more, all watches include screw-down case backs and crowns, which significantly increase water resistance. And, since we’re on the topic of water, Gevril watches are water-resistant to a depth of 100m to 300m. 


While certain collections include quartz-powered timepieces, the great majority of Gevril models are mechanical. However, what does this have to do with the real quality of these movements? As is the case with many watchmakers, the movement’s quality is primarily determined by the price of the watch. These will vary according to collection and model.

To begin, let us look at the Sellita SW330, which consistently receives high accolades. The trend is mostly featured in Gevril’s Wall Street collection. Given Sellita’s reputation as one of the most recognized Swiss movement makers, it’s unsurprising that the caliber in question is so robust, accurate, and durable. Choosing a quartz watch is a no-brainer if you want accuracy above all else. One of the best collections for battery-powered watches is GV2. Aside from GV2, Ronda’s movements power most of the eye-catching GV2 timepieces, which are available in both men’s and women’s versions. The Ronda 763, which has a monthly accuracy of -10/+20 seconds, is one such caliber.


Gevril watches have been known for their unique designs, which are a combination of the traditional and contemporary. Traditional models are available in both men’s and women’s collections, unlike most modern watches that are present only in women’s lines.

Even though the model may be classic, high-quality dials add a modern touch while maintaining the original style. From elegant dials to highly intricate ones, there’s something for everyone regardless of tastes. Gevril watches, for the most part, are considered dressy. The majority of collections have gorgeous designs that are suitable for a wide range of occasions. However, those who like a more athletic appearance will not be disappointed.


Gevril gives a two-year guarantee on all of their timepieces. To qualify for this warranty, however, you must register on the manufacturer’s official website within 90 days after purchase. The guarantee covers any manufacturing faults, but only when purchased from authorized dealers who can substantiate the purchase. The brand guarantees that any production flaws will be repaired for free. Bear in mind that the warranty policy does not cover improper usage, negligence, or regular wear and tear.

Collections of Gevril Watches

The brand’s ambition to innovate has resulted in a diverse range of watch lines. It would take a day or more to get through everything. We’ll discuss the brand’s most popular timepieces, each with a unique function. To see all of their current collections, visit their official website.

Gevril Wall Street

Gevril Wall Street is perhaps the most desirable Gevril collection at the time of writing. If you’re a lover of homages to the classic Rolex Submariner watch, you’re in for a treat with this one. All models in this range are competent diving watches, with a 200m water resistance rating and the “Professional” mark, indicating that they are ISO-certified and therefore safe scuba diving companions. All variants include a unidirectional bezel that may be used to measure elapsed time underwater, which is typical of Submariner homages. Despite its popularity among divers, all models have an exquisite style due to their stainless steel cases and bands. The bracelets are either three, four, or five links in length, depending on the model.

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Gevril Seacloud

Gevril’s Seacloud collection is another famous model. It’s a popular option among diving aficionados, similar to the Wall Street collection. If you’re seeking a high-quality diving watch with an eye-catching design, you may have discovered a true treasure.

The rather big stainless steel case sets Seacloud apart from the majority of diving watch lines. It is much larger than the Submariner (41mm) and the Wall Street (45mm) at 45m in diameter (without lugs) (43mm). Due to its size, it’s likely to be a better fit for those with bigger wrists. Another distinguishing feature is the case back’s open heart design, which allows you to see inside the mechanical movement’s inner workings. The unidirectional bezels have raised, cast steel numerals that are both touch and sight readable.

Gevril Astor

In contrast to the previous two lines, this is an all-female collection. Watches by Gevril Astor have an incredibly feminine design. The first distinguishing feature is the much-reduced case size. Although it is not a very compact size in comparison to other Gevril women’s collections, with a diameter of 40mm, it is small enough to look beautiful on a slim wrist while simultaneously being large enough to turn a few heads.

Currently, the range has 19 different watch models. Numerous examples include rose gold-plated ion-plated casings. Almost often, a Gevril Astor watch is additionally embellished with diamonds. Some of the most elaborate clocks include up to 50 diamonds, the majority of which are put on the bezel.

Gevril Vanderbilt

Finally, but certainly not least, is Gevril Vanderbilt, a compilation deserving of some of your valuable time. If you like vintage-inspired watches, you’re certain to fall in love with each of the collection’s six models. Along with the fashionable Roman numerals, Vanderbilt clocks provide an excellent view of the Swiss mechanical movement’s operation. This is due to the dial, as well as the case back, being skeletonized. Vanderbilt is a man-only collection because of the somewhat big casings, which measure 47mm across all models. Cases are available in stainless steel or gold ion plating.

Is Gevril a High-end Watch Brand?

Yes, Gevril is, in a nutshell, a premium watch brand. While there is no universally accepted definition of a luxury brand, we use factors like price, rare materials, exclusivity, and tradition to determine if a business provides luxury items. By this definition, and in light of the company’s 250+ years of history, it is clear that Gevril is a luxury brand. There is no way to say that Gevril isn’t as high-end as the best watches in the world like Rolex or Patek Philippe, but it’s hard to deny that the Swiss company has been revived. Gevril timepieces are meticulously constructed from the finest materials available. The appearance of actual diamond-encrusted bezels, particularly on women’s watches, is another clear indicator that we’re dealing with a premium watch company.


So, what does all of this mean? This is an excellent new Swiss-made watch brand that delivers the finest quality ever. Gevril watches are beautiful and trendy, modern yet classic looking. I hope this Gevril review has given you enough information to make an informed decision about whether or not to invest in the brand.

A revival of the brand in the twenty-first century would not be an exaggeration. There is still room for improvement, but Gevril is working hard to get closer to the top echelons of luxury watchmaking. We may infer they’re on the correct road based on the fact that sales and brand recognition are both increasing year over year.


Is GV2 a good investment?

As a result of these aspects, the watches supplied by the firm are often viewed as being quite expensive. To the extent that you can afford it, you should go for it. However, some prospective customers and detractors believe that a Gevril or GV2 watch should only be purchased at a reduced price. While there is no denying the high level of craftsmanship and materials used in these watches, some may find the prices to be excessive.

I have a question about Gevril watches. Where do I go to ask?

The official website of Gevril watches is the best place to ask a question. On their website, there’s a piece of contact information that you can use if you have a question or concern. You can use them to resolve any inquiries you may have about Gevril watches.

Where can I purchase Gevril watches?

The good news is that Gevril watches aren’t as sought after by counterfeiters as Rolex and other high-end watch brands. However, to claim that a fake Gevril watch cannot be found online would be a falsehood. First and foremost, Gevril’s official website is the best place to start. It has the most selection of Gevril watches available online, but the most expensive. In addition to free delivery to the United States, Gevril.com also ships to countries throughout the globe.

Who is the owner of Gevril?

Gevril USA is owned and operated by Samuel Friedmann, who also serves as its president. While still in his adolescence, Samuel Friedmann started collecting and selling clocks. In 1990, he relocated his company to the United States, and within 12 years, the worldwide corporation was producing annual sales of $250,000.