Where Are Frye Boots Made?

Where Are Frye Boots Made?

You will be surprised that this is among the most frequently asked questions about this brand name on the Internet. All of you may want to know about where things you’re wearing or using come from. The origin of the belongings is especially important to many people. 

So, where are Frye boots manufactured? In 2003, Frye closed their store, then sold the trademark and brand name to a Chinese company named Li & Fung. Since that time, most Frye products have been made in China. However, a small proportion still comes from the USA and Mexico. 

Keep reading to learn more about which countries Frye boots are made in now. In addition, Frye boots prices and the quality of Frye products are also discussed in this post. 

Are Frye Boots Made In The USA Or China?

Most Frye boots are currently made in China, with the exception of a small number of models made in the USA. You can quickly figure out USA-made Frye boots and shoes by checking the ‘Made in USA’ category on Frye’s website. Or take a look at the label inside the boots because they state precisely where they come from. 

The USA-made Frye boots may be a bit expensive than the imported ones, but you can expect a higher quality. They have excellent craftsmanship and tend to last longer. Unfortunately, there are only selected styles that are manufactured in the USA. 

Because the Frye company was sold to a Chinese corporation before, you will see that many of their boots are manufactured in China. Some think that products made in China do not match up to the ones made in the USA or Europe. However, they are still authentic products, no doubt about that, and meet certain Frye’s quality-related standards. 

Are Frye Boots Made In Mexico?

In addition to China and the US, Frye also makes boots in Mexico. About the boots made in Mexico, they’re produced in the city of Leon, which is known as the home of leather products in the country. In terms of prices, they tend to be less expensive as the labor in Mexico is not as costly as that in the USA. 

In Leon, Mexico, you can also see numerous cobbler stores that make cowboy boots. And in general, the boots and shoes from Mexico are of higher quality compared to ones from China. 

Leon is in an ideal location that connects to many parts of the world by road, rail, and air (Guanajuato Airport), so it is great as the home of leather footwear in the country. However, if the quality is your priority, you should consider USA-made styles or the ones from Mexico rather than from China. 

Are Frye Boots Good?

Frye has been among the famous boot brands for a long time, and the quality of their products accounts for that. Having been produced since 1863, Frye boots have become better with time. The boots from this brand are some of the most long-lasting and comfortable in the market. Even though some models may run a little bit narrow, they are designed to stretch and embrace the shape of your feet. 

Besides, Frye’s commitment to quality is only to use the finest leathers and materials available. So along with the experienced team of artisans, Frye brings iconic leather boots with unparalleled quality to customers. 

Frye boots also receive a ton of positive reviews on Amazon. Customers comment that their Frye boots look trendy, have high quality, and fit pretty well. On Zappos, 77% of buyers give Frye a 5-star rating. Most Frye customers are satisfied with their boot purchases. 

The most significant advantage of these boots may relate to their waterproof ability. This is not a concern of these boots only, but also leather ones in general. As you know, most leather boots do not offer good waterproof features. However, you can use creams, sprays, and dressings to make them more water-resistant or at least reduce damage after having some water.

Frye offers many different styles of boots for men and women that are super comfortable, supportive, and durable. So, if you’re searching for a new quality pair of leather boots, Frye is always a good option when it comes to quality leather construction. 

Frye Boots Prices

Frye boots have a price tag ranging from $300 to $500 in both men and women categories. It can be verified that these boots are investment pieces, which means that you pay for boots that last you many years to come. However, with this high price tag, you will receive high-quality, well-crafted boots in return. 


So, to conclude, the majority of Frye products are made in China. A few styles are produced in the USA, and the rest come from the Leon city of Mexico. 

Frye boots have been on the market for such a long time and are the favorite among boot enthusiasts. These boots are not exactly budget-friendly, but there are more expensive brands out there. However, the quality materials with skilled craftsmanship make them worth the money.