Types of Watches: Ultimate Guide for New Watch Enthusiasts

Types of Watches: Ultimate Guide for New Watch Enthusiasts

Timepieces show the wearer’s personality and his wealth rather than time only. All will be presented through the types of watches, styles, and specific features. 

You can not underestimate how much a watch can support your daily life. Wearing an appropriate watch being right for your purpose and lifestyle will ensure that you are always dressed in wherever your life takes you to. 

It’s time to see what I have for you!

Why Should You Know Types of Watches?

You need to know clearly about types of watches because you can not wear your kid’s watch in the meeting or your wife is not suitable with your giant sports watch. There are many different types of watches in the other worlds that are suitable for different personal styles and occasions. Once you are aware of all watch types, you can narrow down your choices when you start to buy a watch or choose a watch to wear before going out. 

If you think all watches are the same, your decision will be much more complicated. I’m sure that you will know better about the watch’s features and some specifications from my page. Indeed, you and your people will appreciate your watch gift. 

With the wide range of types of watches available, your decision might be challenging from the beginning. However, be my companion for finding out all types of watches carefully from watch’s types, features, band, shapes, and the purposes of use, everything will become simple as a piece of cake. Besides, even if you are not a beginner and are owning several watches, this knowledge might be beneficial for those passionate about watch collection. 

Each type of watch will be decided based on its style, display, function, movement, etc. It’s time to get deeper into every type of watch!

First, let’s check out 11 general types of watches  from all over the world!

Types of watches

Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches are coming with movements made of thousands of tiny pieces, meant for keeping the watch ticking forever. These watches fit the old-style idea of a watch with a case filled with the gear and some small devices powered by a spring requiring winding. It means that you always have to spin down the crown for springing the inside mechanism into action. 

There is a subsection of these watches called watches keeping themselves essentially, and it is powered by sunlight to kinetic motion produced by the wrist when they are on during the wearing time. 

One sign is to recognize what a mechanical watch is; you can hear the watch ticking. The spring action generates that noise. As I know, some of the most highly costed watches on the market are powered by mechanical movement. 

Quartz Watches

In contrast with the above watches using precision gears and mechanisms for keeping the correct time, Quartz uses the actual price of quartz crystal for keeping time. It is completed by sending the electric current through that crystal. And causing it to pulsate. Then the vibration frequency is transferred by the circuit into the tiny motor which powers the hand watch. 

Quartz was famous in the 1980s, most wristwatches and locks have quartz movement at this time. These watches are referred to as electronic watches. Quartz watches are the most accurate watches at the moment, although it requires the new battery replacement sometimes. 

Chronograph Watches

Chronograph watches are the most common type of watch at this time, even though it is the old invention. In the early 1800s, King Louis XVIII of France timed horse races accurately with this royal watch. At the moment, the watches come in a wide range of styles; however, you can still recognize their face and side buttons. The chronograph will have the primary watch face and three small inset dials. The dials will be used as the stopwatches with two buttons on the side of the case. 

The chronograph watches are specialized into several types, including the sailor, double, and doctor. It helps keep the tides track, doctor’s chronographs support medical professionals track heart rate and respiration. Chronograph was designed for someone working in the field required timekeeping accuracy. These types of watches are also a symbol of quality because they are held to a high standard. However, it is more expensive than the usual standard automatic watch. 

Dive Watches

Its name says everything; dive watches are designed in the way of working perfectly in the diver’s wrist. Dive watches are not only resistant to water but also water pressure. These watches have a rotating bezel for letting the driver track their remaining air, and the special dive watch has the water-resistance from 500 to 1000 ft. However, some designs are offering the water-resistance at higher depths. 

Besides, the dive watch’s design is pleasing, with an eye-catching bezel and a sporty look. Most watch brands sell a variety of divers. Rolex and Omega are the most famous brands. The manufacturer also offers many different styles for dive watches. If you love to spend time in the water, swimming, water sport, or part of your job, the dive watch is what you are looking for. 

Military Watches

You might not know much about these watches, and it was produced for the military members in the 1800s, then it led to the popularization of watches among the society. When the military members come home with the watch, everybody will be curious to buy it. Then the watch manufacturer immediately found out their new trend. 

Mostly these military watches are simple and easy to see with the illuminated display. They usually are designed in small or medium size so they will not interfere with the movement. Military watches can be a GMT watch with a 24-hour hand and the 24 -hour scale on the bezel. GMT begins at 0 in England. Before, military watches were analog, not it can be found in even smartwatches and digital watches, which allows for more useful function in the field. If you are active and love to play sports, you will enjoy its durability. Or you love the high accuracy timekeeping, and it is also a great choice. 

Pilot Watches

Pilot watches are designed for pilots, having originally repurposed military watches and many similarities. The pilot watch might also come with GMT, antimagnetic tech, to prevent interference from the magnetic field in the cabin. Pilot watches are designed for handling fast changes in air pressure. 

These watches come with the chronograph feature and the stopwatch function. Most of it has the added markings on display for in flight calculations and the rotating bezel for aiding in the calculations. Its brand has the rivet so that the watch can be worn over the flight jacket. 

Pilot watches have large, easily legible dials and with the hands glowing in the dark for letting the pilot use the watch in even low light conditions. It comes with more prominent faces and dials over the last few decades. You love aviation style and the classic look; the pilot watch is a perfect choice. You need the magnetic and the pressure resistance for flying, and in some situations, you should go for it. 

Digital Watches

Being one of the least expensive types of watches on the market, the digital watches require a battery for function; however, you can not realize that the difference between the digital and non-mechanical analog watches is the LCD. Digital watches keep the time by the quartz crystal movement. 

Its circuits in the digital watch will translate the vibration into electronic signals showing the time in numbers on the screen, instead of using the vibration of crystal for powering a motor that moves the hands. These watches became very popular in the 1980s. Moreover, it withstands as the popular choice today. 

These watches run on the hour, minute, and second accurately. You do not need to squint at the tiny hands, but you can see the time easily at a glance. Besides, digital watches also come with many useful features. The lower-end watches come with a date and am/pm. It also shows the timer, date, calendar, and alarm. The stopwatch function is popular on the digital watch. It will be great if you need convenience or some more features. 

If you appreciate the value of convenience or find the analog watch hard to read, you can choose these types. 

Watches for Nurses

Watches for nurses are designed as medical watches, an essential part of a nurse’s routine. In wartime, having the military time makers is essential because the 24-hour standard will be mainly used in the medical profession. 

The watches for nurses should come with a silicone band, or some easily changed material and cleaned. The easily visible second hand is crucial for supporting the time from pulse rates to the medication times. Besides, the watches for nurses should be stylish. Nursing is the profession whether the nice watch is not a luxury but needed for getting the job done. 

Luxury Watches

This “Luxury” means a specific style of watch. As we know, the luxury watches only the rich people can afford to have, until 1900x. Later, mass production and new tech brought the watch price into the most people’s reach. A luxury watch becomes a perfect status symbol. Although there are luxury watches created with precious metals and fine jewels, some fit into the affordable categories. 

Most of these watches have exquisite movements for keeping time- the mechanical movements are popular. There are some luxury watch categories with the attention paid to design rather than the actual workings. 

The luxury types of watches are designed as the dress’s watch, and it is manufactured with superb quality at the premium price. There are also many luxury sports watches providing high quality and features. Pilot watch, dive, and chronograph watches are luxury watches. A smartwatch can also be the luxury one since they are highly cost and considered a luxury instead of a necessity. These watches can be expensive, and some styles can feel flashy and heavy. 

Dress Watches

Delicate, simple, and slim are the word for describing the dress watches, which are the excellent companion to your suits for dinner or business meetings. It must be slim enough for slipping under your shirt cuff and subtle enough to be seldomly noticed. You should consider buying precious metal rather than steel for these types of watches when your budget allows. The leather straps are a must-have. 

The simple design of a dress watch makes it a versatile accessory, suitable for different functions. Most dress watches come with no complications or have at most a date window and the second hand. If you are the CEO, lawyer, or banker or follow minimalism, these watches are the best for you. 

Triathlon Watches

Triathlon watches include running, cycling, and swimming, which means these watches must be waterproof and track three different activities. It is designed to meet the triathlete’s needs. The nicest triathlon should track all from running time to lap times, even stroke counts. It is crucial if the athlete needs to review times for each leg, not just overall time. 

Some triathlon watches come with a particular type of band, keeping the watch securely on the wrist. However, the athlete can remove it quickly and transfer it to the handlebars of the bike. For some triathlons with GPS systems for timing uses, these watches can drain the battery fast. Thus, you should make sure the battery life for your watch you choose. 

Watch Display

There are five main types of watch display, and you can see the time through the display. Analog watches are the first display of watches made and still popular at this time. The other four display types are the recent inventions based on the technology for making computers and cell phones. 

Analog Watch

Analog display features numbers in the circle on the watch’s face. Most of it comes with the hour, minute, and second hands. The analog display watches use mechanical movement for keeping the time. However, analog watches are difficult to see accurately. These watches have the classic style, which is the timeless timepiece. 

If you are traditional and love the time-tested look, you find analog watches great for you. You love the unique watch which channels the characteristic before. Its look will be more interesting than the digital watch. 

Digital Watch

Digital watch displays show the time on the LCD. This type of watch with a digital display is inexpensive. The digital watch presents the hour, minute, and second accurately; you do not need to squint at the tiny hand; you can still see the time. Most digital watches will include the date and am/pm.

Digital watches need electric power. Hence, it is the only available quartz watch. Thanks to the mass production of LCD, the digital display is the cheapest type of display nowadays, cheaper than analog display. Casio G-Shock is an excellent example of this display, and I am sure that most users are affordable for it. 

The digital display comes with many benefits, such as showing you the time quickly and precisely. You do not need to take time to figure out where the hands land. The minutes and second counters tell you precisely what time it is. It is very convenient for those who demand to have a quick and easy watch. 

Some types of features are built-in backlight activated at the push of a button, and this feature is crucial for an authentic outdoor watch. However, these watches have to face other devices such as smartphones, computers, and all the digital things displaying the time around us. 

Hybrid Watch

The hybrid display is a combination of analog and digital displays. These types of watches give us the traditional look of analog with the complete information from the digital display. This type of watch is suitable for those who want a mixture of both types. 

The analog look is better and more recognizable, while the digital part will provide extra information such as the date, time, etc. Usually, this watch comes with the function of chronograph, backlight, and alarm. 

However, this watch will be very busy and sporty, and it will not be an excellent choice for the formal occasion. 

Tactile Watch

A tactile watch display is the beginning of the hot touchscreen in today’s smartwatches. Tissot T-touch watches are examples of the tactile display, which is superior to standard digital watches. It can respond to the touches by humans. However, it can only be used for selecting commands, activate functions. 

Tactile display replaces the necessity of pusher buttons, especially for multi-function watches. This type of watch will be programmed to open its function if we touch the screen’s specific part. Thus, you do not have to push the buttons many times for cycling through the features. That’s why it is very easy to operate and improve the user’s experience. However, it will be more expensive than the standard digital display watches. 

Touchscreen Watch

The touchscreen is the last display type I would love to mention, which is the coolest watch at this time. This display is used widely for smartwatches from famous brands such as Apple or Samsung – the giant technology, to make many cool things on the tiny watch that is super incredible. 

Just figure out that you can do all things you can do on your phone, but on your watch instead. The experience will be as great as on your phone because of the small screen size. How cool it is! It changes your taste of watches. 

Watch Style

Style of watches will design its purpose of use. From this section, you will find which watch will be suitable for your occasion. Will you know it for your daily wearing or formal clothes? You will be successful in what you work if you can choose the right accessories. 

Casual Watch

Casual watches are one of the most common watches. This style is not as elegant or luxurious as others, and it also can not make you stand out from others in the situation. 

However, it is designed especially for daily use. And for those who do not need too much from a watch rather than time and little fashion. This watch style will be affordable for anyone because of its features, and it is the best gift for your friends if you are not very much close to the one you want to give. 

Dress Watch

Dress watches are the opposite of casual watches. A dress style is a perfect choice for business and formal clothes. The excellent dress watches are slim for easily hidden under the shirt or suit’s sleeve. This watch will not attract much attention because it is significant that the user’s watch matches nice accessories. 

Dress watches usually come with the hour and minute hands for keeping it simple. Although the second hand and the date winder are fine additions, the dial and bezel have to be unornamented, black, or metallic for keeping the simplicity. 

Fashion Watch

Fashion style watches are not easy to have the exact definition; it refers to the fashion watch manufacturers and brands not primarily specialized in watch production or any horological history. Fashion watches are from brands that are famous for their reputation in fashion rather than in watchmaking. 

Most of these brands will provide the watches for other companies to make them, leaving watchmaking for others. These watch styles will focus on the beauty, branding, and attractive logo. Many fashion brands use regular movements but retail for the high price because of their brand recognition and market demand. 

Gucci, Hugo Boss, and Guess are some examples of this style of watches. 

Luxury Watch

Luxury watches are also the watch’s specific style or if the brand’s worn reputation will define it as a luxury. However, fashion and luxury watches are different. The manufacturer makes luxury watches with a long history in making watches. The luxury watches use diamonds, gold, and precious metals, which add more to their value, with high-end movements. 

A lot of luxury watch brands are Swiss, and they make their watches in limited numbers. They hold value better than other brands and are coveted by celebrities, wealthy, and watch collectors. Hublot, Tag Heuer, Rolex, and Patek Philippe are famous brands for luxury watches. 

Watch Features

Choosing the right watch will be much easier if you are considering only the look. However, watches are not only time tellers or bold fashion but also perform valuable functions for other purposes creating a good wearer’s experience. 

Let’s see what watch features are suitable for you!


Alarm features on the watch are not very popular. Mainly, the morning time will involve winding, swirling, and setting the mechanical watch. Usually, it will start with the sound of a digital clock. The vibration of the mechanical alarm provides the nic connection between the watch and the wearer’s wrist. 

The first wristwatch with the mechanical alarm was manufactured in the 1910th by Eterna, based on the pocket watch having an alarm feature. The most complicated technology for making the alarm function is working in a small watch with the erratic timekeeping caused by the vibrations. The vibrations of the mechanical alarm provide the natural connection between you and your watch. 

If you are a traveler or overworked executive, you will need a friendly reminder. The types of watches with an alarm function is the best choice. 


The altimeter is the feature in the watches for measuring the altitude. The watch can measure the altitude above the sea level or the relatively fixed point and offer the information in feet and meters by measuring the atmospheric pressure. 

The traditional altimeter watch uses the atmospheric pressure as the gauge for the measure and tracks altitude changes. 


Most watches feature the calendar feature, which needs constant adjustment to make sure the correct data is displayed. The watch will reset after finishing 31 days of 24-hour cycles and representing the whole month. 

Because the calendar has leap years and a varying number of days/ month, Watch manufacturers created two advanced complications for tracking our calendars more precisely so the date will not have to be adjusted every month. 

Some types of watch calendars, such as the annual calendar displaying the day, date, and month in the minimal adjustment. The Perpetual calendar displays the day, date, month but needs minor adjustment than the annual one. 


Chronograph function facilitates timekeeping. The face of the watch will display the seconds, minutes, and hours. The built-in stopwatch feature is used in many applications. The chronograph watches are famous for time races. Besides, it is also helpful in controlling cooking times, tracking hours, timing meetings, and even more. 

Omega, Tag Heuer, and Rolex collections are famous for some of the most renowned chronograph pieces. 


The compass feature is essential, and it shows the direction your watch is pointing, your current address, and the elevation. When you rotate the compass bezel and its south indicator matches, you will read the other compass direction. 

Precisely, by using the hour hands position, and the sun’s position, you can determine the direction quickly. The direction will be an approximation, and you also should consider some discrepancies because of different seasons or latitudes. 

To use the watch compass, you can hold the watch horizontally and align the watch’s hour hand with sun direction. The heart point between the hour hand and 12 o’clock position points South. When you rotate the compass, the south indicator matches it and will allow you to read other directions. 

Depth Measurement

The depth measurement feature is equipped for the dive watches, and the depth gauge will keep the diver safe because the indicator will benefit from no inertia. The actual depth is seen immediately, and it is helpful for decompression in the lesser depth. 


The watch with GPS feature comes with the integrated GPS receiver, worn as the unit strapped into the wrist. GPS watches are usually used for sports and doing exercises. Some devices can connect with the external sensors by ANT and wireless.

Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor feature offers information about the user’s heart rate. It will support you to do exercise at the right intensity. This feature will be nice for fitness or competition users, not very necessary for anybody. 


Lume is a section of the watch dial with luminous paint, allowing the areas to glow in the darkness for a limited time. This paint will absorb the light and re-emit in low-light conditions. It will also be painted on the hands and the hour markers to help the users tell the time at night.

Moon Phase Calendar

You might see some watches with this additional display, and this cut-out window will offer the approximate guide for the current phase of the moon. Although the days of using the moon phase as a calendar are not widespread, moon phase watches still have a special place. Apart from giving the time, the watch can tell you insight into the inner universe. Moon phase watches are perfect for artists, skywatchers, or anglers who appreciate the moon phase timepieces. 

Screw-Down CrownShock Resistant

Screw-Down CrownShock Resistant feature is available in most diving watches for aiding in water resistance. It will screw tightly into the case and also protects from any form of dust and water. The crow comes with the gaskets creating the air-tight seal when it is screwed. 

Slide Rule

The types of watches featuring the slide rule function will have two logarithmic scales, While the tachymeter scale is hyperbolic and features numbers that run in from infinity down to 60. Both slide rule and tachymeter use nonlinear scales. 


The solar feature is the technology that uses sunlight to charge the battery of watches. It is a lovely eco drive feature. Its function will convert the light energy received by solar cells into electronic energy. The energy will be stored in the rechargeable battery and used to move the watch hands. 


The stopwatch feature is present as the additional function of wristwatches; it allows you to measure the lap times while running or to keep track of times for a group of athletes. 


The tachymeter feature is on the bezel’s watch, and it is designed to measure the time when you travel in a fixed distance. Whether you are trying to work out your speed with this function, you will need a reliable distance to run. 


A timer function is designed on smartwatches that help you keep track of time if you set the timers up to 24 hours. 


Water-resistant features come in many watches, from high-end to traditional ones; 30 m of water resistance seems to be a lot. The watch with this rating is nothing more than splash-proof. The water resistance will be calculated in the static condition, and if you move your watch through the water, it can be exposed to a greater level of water pressure. 

Watch Band

Watchband plays a crucial role in the watch’s look and comfort. You should choose carefully, and then your watch will look nice even after a long time of use. The material of the band determines the main look and quality of the watch. You will be successful if you can find the materials that make you comfortable to wear and confident to come out. 

There are many different types of materials for watch bands. Let’s take a quick look at each type to get the right one for you!

Silicone rubber watch band

Silicone features an excellent high and low temp resistance, silicone rubber watch strap band makes your skin comfortable, and it comes with many colors to choose from. This type of band is also non-toxic and eco-friendly. Silicone is elastic, and it is possible to deform.

You can wear it better in the wintertime as it gives a warm feeling. In summer, it will be easy to sweat, and the silicone of the band will be damaged and can not be easy to recover. 

Leather watch band

It can be said that leather is one of the most durable and natural materials. It is not only excellent quality but also friendly to environmental material. The leather watchband will be elastic, durable, and carefree. You will have to choose from 3 main types of leather, including genuine, faux, and full-grain. 

Faux leather is not real leather, it is from a plastic base, so it is not harmful to animals. Genuine leather is more durable and of high quality. Its price is affordable, and its look is much more beautiful. Full-grain leather is the highest quality and strongest band. It is the perfect material for watch straps with perfect fashion and style. 

Vegan watch band

Vegan watch bands are eco-friendly without toxins or chemicals. It is easy to support veganism because there are many vegan-friendly alternative materials for most products. This kind of material is an excellent choice for those who like quality and avoiding animal products. 

Wooden watch band

Wooden band is becoming common and preferred, and it is not only remarkable but also environmentally friendly material. This band type can be made and shaped with various designs and colors. 

Stainless steel straps

It can be said that stainless steel straps are the most popular materials for watch bands. This material is very durable, strong, and less expensive than other premium materials such as gold, platinum, or silver. Stainless steel is used commonly for both watch and band. It is also suggested for swimming and diving watches. However, made out of metal, it might be a little heavy and uncomfortable to wear every day. 

316L stainless steel comes with more nickel and molybdenum, which increase strength and hardness. 304L is perfectly sturdy but an inferior alloy. 

These straps are still in fashion and do not seem to wear out. It can be designed with different styles for you to choose to create the best looking for you. 

Nylon banding strap

Nylon banding strap is one of the best materials for wristwatch straps today, especially in the summertime. It provide high quality, practicality, timeless fashion, comfort, and also water resistance. It is exceptionally breathable than other materials. Besides, these straps are very tough and survive in most conditions. Come in different colors and designs; you can suit it for any outfit. 

Polyurethane rubber

The polyurethane rubber material is less expensive and higher strength compared with silicone. This band is perfect for swimming, diving, and other sports as it is comfortable and flexible. Urethane is durable, flexible, and water-resistant. 

Titanium watch band

Titanium is a lustrous metal with the color of silver, low density, and high strength. It is as strong as stainless steel. It is not easy to break. However, the titanium band can be easily scratched and damaged. The overall watch band is lightweight and feels comfortable when you are wearing these awesome titanium watches.  Titanium is the perfect alternative to different metals and materials. 

Ceramic watch band

Ceramic watch bands are unique, and it is thought to be more difficult to scratch. It looks pretty heavy, but actually, it is very light on the skin, almost the same as aluminum’s weight. The ceramic is not resistant to shattering. 

Engraved watch band

Engraved materials are unique from existing materials. Wearing this watch, you will look more unique and get the personalized design for your watch. You can find effortlessly a lot of designs and types of engravings. 

Watch Movement

Watch movement housed in the watch’s case. It is what powers your watch. Let’s take a more profound consideration to this part right now!


Quartz movement watch is simple and more cost-effective to manufacture than others. There are over 90 percent of watches produced with this movement sold today. The battery can last 1-3 years, depending on other features of the watch. The features that use more power will make the battery run out quickly. This watch is good at keeping time with the small-time loss. Quartz movement will be more accurate than the automatic or mechanical movement as the oscillator will be steadier. 

This movement does not require winding. It is easier to maintain. Only change the battery. Remember to change it shortly after it stops working. Don’t keep a depleted battery for a long time, and it will become a big problem if the battery leaks onto the movement. 

  • Keep accurate time more than other types
  • Light and come with a slim profile
  • Require battery replacement every 1-3 years
  • Ordinary watches without unique factor

Mechanical Automatic

The automatic mechanical movement is more complicated than quartz. It is powered by a collection of different moving parts, the mainspring and gears. It can be divided into two subsets, including mechanicals and automatics.

Mechanicals are powered by the coiled mainspring through the crown manually. The mainspring will transmit energy to the gear train via escapement regulating the energy to balance the wheel. After that, the wheel will draw power to the dial, making hands move. 

Your wrist’s natural movement powers automatics. When your hand moves, providing the energy to the oscillating rotor which runs the watch. The rotor will spin if the watch is in motion and send the required energy to the mainspring. The gear, in turn, transfers the energy to the escapement regulating the energy to balance the wheel. Then the wheel provides energy to hands for showing the time. 

  • Come with great movement running by mechanical parts without needing battery replacement
  • Nice sweeping second hand
  • Unique and not ubiquitous
  • Not as accurate as of the quartz watches (+-20 seconds/day)
  • Require more investment
  • Come with the limited power reserve


Many brands designed solar panels for recharging batteries in watches since it reduces the environmental impact of battery disposal. The solar panel will be under the dial, which collects the solar energy and converts it to the electrical charge, recharging the battery and running the quartz movement. 

  • It can be recharged with various light sources
  • Convenient as the power reserve is long and easily rechargeable
  • Collecting energy from sunlight is energy sustainability
  • Need to change the capacitor after every 7-10 years


Kinetic movement is a good combination of quartz’s exact timekeeping and the automatic self-winding mechanism. It gives the quartz watch does not require battery replacement. It is recharged by continually using. It comes with a weighted rotor such as automatic watch spinning whenever the watch moves. 

  • No need to change battery
  • Accurate quartz but fully automatic watch feel
  • Have to wear the watch for recharging


Chronometer movement is, in simple terms, an accurate automatic watch. This type of automatic watch will have acceptable accuracy limits. If you expect the most accurate automatic watch, you should buy this type. However, it will cost your budget more than others. 

  • Most accurate watch in the world
  • Tested to be able to keep exact at different positions and temp
  • Expensive than a normal automatic

Spring Drive

Like the kinetic watch, the spring drive movement watch is the union of automatic self-winding mechanism and the quartz accuracy. However, it goes further than the kinetic movement, and spring drive is one the most advanced movements at the moment. Spring dive energy source is the same as the automatic, with the mainspring storing potential energy. When the watch is used, there are the same rotors to wind the mainspring and the same gear. Spring watch uses the tri- synchro regulator for keeping time instead of the balance wheel or escapement. 

The new tech uses the integrated circuit coupled with the quartz crystal for making sure the watch runs at the correct accuracy. 

  • Revolutionary watch movement
  • The regulator keeps time inaccuracy
  • True sweeping second hand
  • Costly than the ordinary watches

Watch Case Shape

For every man and woman, timepieces are especially relative to the overall style and fashion sense. It will be the first impression that people will notice when having a meeting with you. The shape of the case will be the first presentation appealing to attract others. It also presents your personality and style. Let’s find out the details about the watch case shape right here!


Oval watch cases are derived from the round one, and it is vertical naturally, which is different from the carriage watch case shape. Oval watches are trendy because many users love the specific type of watch. Their band will be thinner and elegant, which they consider being classy and beautiful. 

Most oval watches’ case shapes are seen on the women’s watches, and only a few brands make this shape for men. 


Rectangles are not very common today; these models exist as they exude a sleek sense of elegance. It was first seen in 1917. This watch case shape is one of the first wristwatch case shapes and was adopted by leading watchmakers such as Hamilton, Jaeger-LeCoultre. This is the most common use for dress watches which can be worn at a fancy party. 


It is obvious that round is the most popular type of watch case shape on the market for both men and women. Rounds are considered to be the least fuss way of reading and displaying the time. That is the reason why this shape is found in most timepieces, from outdoors to dress watches. You can find round case shapes in women watches, men watches, kids watches for even normal watches, to luxury watches. 


The square watch case shape is very fashionable, even though it faces decreased popularity this time. It was the typical fashion used for the dress watches and famously adopted by the brands such as Audemars Piguet. Many watchmakers use the popularity of the square watch case shape for athletic and even outdoor watches. 


Tonneau watch case shapes are described as rectangular shapes with rounded corners. Some users confuse the cushion shape with this shape, but they come with fundamental differences. The tonneau shape is more prolonged and taller. This style was very common in the 1970s and was seen in dive watches and clocks. Thanks to its unique and stand-out style, it is adopted by many famous brands such as Michele, Bulova, and Hamilton. 

Watches Comparison Chart

In this summary section, you will clarify better the complicated issue of different watch types. From this chart, you will see all types of watches divided into five main groups as above. 

Category Description Watch Types
Style The visual appeal of your watch, it is a watch you can see outside, then determine if it is right for your fashion style Casual Dress, Fashion, Luxury
Display It is what you can see on your watch face, including hands, numbers, etc. Watch display is very important to show the information to the user. Digital,Analog,Tactile,Touchscreen,Hybrid
Feature Refer to what the watch can do, not only telling the time. A watch has various functions and styles for different needs and occasions Chronograph,Calendar & moonphase, GMTDay & Night, Dive, Pilot, Field Tool, Smartwatch
Movement What drives your watch moving. Movement is considered as the heart of watch, it is the engine and the reason why the watch is ticking.  Quartz, Mechanical ,automatic, Solar, Kinetic, Chronometer, Spring, dive
Power Source What power/ energy the watch uses Solar, Quartz, Smartwatch

Types of Watches for Men

If you wonder what the affordable watches for men are, I would say it depends on what you are looking for from the timepiece, including the purpose of use, style, and work. You can then decide the features you need, what size of the watch face, and your budget. 

Let’s see some top 3 men’s watches every man should have below.

Dress watch

A dress watch is intelligent and straightforward, and it will enhance your outfit but should not require too much attention. Combining it with your outfit is simple. If you are in black, go for a black band. Remember, it is not to be worn with a casual or jeans outfit. They will look best in business or formal clothes. You can find the best dress watch for men from Omega, Hamilton, and Nomos Tangente.

Field watch

Field watches are perfect for the outdoors with a fabulous and straightforward look that fits most outfits. It was designed for soldiers during World War I. It is built to be durable and present at the correct time. 

It is a good choice for men as it has a large dial and sturdy built-in. Seiko, Hamilton, or Timex are famous for men’s field watches.

Dive watch 

If you are around the water all the time, a Dive watch is a must-have. However, in fact, a well-fitting drive watch can look nice with a rugged outfit such as denim or leather jacket, even for a casual outfit. The most excellent function of it is waterproof and withstand different pressures underwater. 

Besides, some types of watches such as sport watches or smartwatches are also nice choices for the modern gentleman. 

Types of Watches for Women

Women love to wear watches, and it is not for telling time only. It is a luxury jewel for any ladies. At work, the watch also supports a professional look for women. There are a diversity types of watches for ladies, but I would like to show you 4 must-have women watches.

Luxury Watch

Here it is! Luxury watches should be placed in your collection, which not only shows the elegance, taste, and refinement but also keeps an eye on the future. If you are at an event or party, a luxury watch with a nice dress will attract all eyes. 

Casual Watch

For a friend’s parties, a fun night out, you can not ignore the casual watch, which comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. A casual watch also is designed simple for those who follow minimalism. 

Sport Watch

What do you pair with your gym clothes, marathons, kickboxing, etc.? The sport watch is indispensable. It is designed for withstanding excessive movement, impact, and moisture. It also supports a busy mom to keep the accurate time during workouts but still never miss any important calls. 

Work Watch

Bright colors, stones, or large watches might not be found with work. The office work is a place for the profession and not a fashion show. Something with the metal and modest dial will show how professional at work. Besides, elegance and simplicity are also important factors for a work timepieces. 

Types of Watches for Athletes

Only one type of watch for athletes is a sports watch. It is highly functional, durable, and water-resistant. The sport watch should easily be legible, shockproof, and resistant to scratches and physical contact. The athletes must have sports watches. 

Types of Watches for Student

A luxury and expensive watch is not a kind of intelligent choice for students. So what types of watches are perfect for them?

Durable watches are a must-have for students; stainless steel is the most durable. Leather and rubber are also incredibly long. 

Subdial watches are constructed into the main dial and a variety of other information and function. It will tell the time in the different time zone, dates, or even the current moon phase. Moreover, some watch using the digital window for display altimeter, calendar, or moon phase tracker. 

Date storage allows you to keep dates and memos on the tiny watch. Some data storage watches come with advanced alarms to remind you of storing dates and appointments. 

Quartz watches are popular watches making a big comeback, but students love the watch running on the alternative power. Solar-powered watches capture the sunlight and convert it into energy or kinetic using oscillation weights to catch the energy from wrist movement might be the perfect choice for students. 

Types of Watches for Kids

Smartwatches with colorful options can be one of the best types of watches for kids. It quickly shows the time and multifunction but still keeps the specific style of owners. 

Digital watch displays time using numerical digits instead of hand moving is an excellent choice for small kids. Digital watches also come with many valuable features for kids, such as alarm, timer, stopwatch, calendar, and LED backlighting. 

Analog with clock face design with large numbers for easier to read. This classic style will support teaching little kids how to tell the time efficiently. 

Smartwatches are ideal for tech-savvy kids. It is an everyday watch; it comes with functions such as built-in apps, cameras, touchscreen, and digital or analog display. It helps to teach kids telling time, also used for entertainment and even downloading apps. It allows the parents to stay in touch with their kids all the time. 

Most Expensive Types of Watches

Generally speaking, Swiss watches handle the whole price range from entry to high-end luxury watches. 

Due to the nature of movements, mechanical watches are more expensive than quartz watches. However, the components of watches can also determine their price term. 

The quartz or mechanical production is at the cutting edge tech, and mechanical movements are produced with meticulous care. Components of the highest quality are monitored to meet the highly strict standards. 

The price of watches manufactured entirely from precious metal will change according to the cost of metal and working difficulty. Mineral crystals are widespread in the expensive product ranges. 

Rolex, Bulot, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin are the super well-known timepiece brands for the most expensive watch in the world at this time. They can produce watches that cost million of US dollars for the celebrity, millionaires, etc. 


 How can I choose the correct watch?

You might have to face a little confusion when choosing a watch. However, it is not too difficult when you break it down into many steps. Firstly, decide your budget, then select your purposes of watches, for example, if you go for a water sport, a diving watch will be your best choice. Then you can find the watch that satisfies your demand and your style. 

What type of watch can match everything?

If you are looking for multi-purpose watches, go for the simplest one instead of the complicated watches. The leather or metal band with a black or white face will help you to suit it with your clothes. 

What is the best type of watch?

I have to say that there is no best type of watch for everyone. There might be the best for you only as it depends on your needs and preference, and budget. Try to go for the best quality material watches, which will stay for a long time and maintain its clarity as new. 

How much money should I spend on a new watch?

I do not have an exact answer to this question. There are a lot of different types, and prices range from cheap to super expensive ones. Firstly, you should ask yourself how much do you want to spend on it. Then what features are essential to your needs. Do you like any specific brand? What types of watches do you expect to have? Then you can research and learn its price range and decide by yourself. 

What is the remarkable thing about Swiss watches?

Most Swiss watches come with synthetic sapphire crystal caring with high scratch resistance to keep your watch clear for years. The movements are hand-assembled, making sure with the use of metal gears and perfect quality internal mechanisms. 

What are the top brands for watches?

I could tell you that the top luxury watch brands are Audemars Pigue, Vacheron Constantin, IWC, Ulysse Nardin, Blancpain, Patek Philippe, Chopard, Rolex, and A. Lange & Sohne. 

 How to buy the right size watch for my wrist?

Firstly, you should know the case diameter, for men’s watches will range from 38 – 46mm. Above 46mm will be too large; below 38 leans towards jewelry and eases for women’s watches. Nextly, you should measure your wrist by using a dollar bill as the hack, which is 6″ in length. Wrap it around your wrist to find the measurement. If your wrist is 6-7″, you are the small to medium size and the case of 38, 40 and 42 mm is perfect. In case your wrist is 7.5 to 8″, the significant cases from 44-46mm are what you should go for. 

Secondly, case thickness is also related to case diameter. The diameter of the case decreases and increases along with the thickness. Usually, for 38-42mm diameter, you see 7mm in thickness. Up to 44mm and more, the thickness increases to 9mm. 

Besides, the width of the band is also essential. If you have a 40mm watch, the width should be around 22mm. Depending on your style, you might want to wear the watch with a more wide or thinner width. 

Besides, watch band materials also affect the size of watches. The leather bands will look slimmer. The metal band with the same size will always be more extensive and heavier due to the metal’s nature. If your wrist is larger, you will be excellent in metal bands. If you have small wrists and want the metal band, you can check some small look styles. 

Finally, it would help if you looked at the size of the watch’s components such as numbers, hours and hands, lug, pusher, and charger. As these components also grow in size and watch’s thickness. 


The world watches market has changed all the time, just like everything. Smartwatches are an example, how can we imagine most phone features are in a tiny watch! Hence, whatever types of watches you want, there is one out there available always for you. Don’t just settle for a watch closed. Just look around and find something that means to you!

Hopefully, you get what you wish soon, and kindly share your own experience!