Touchline – Respect Or Die Freestyle Lyrics

Lyrics For Respect Or Die Freestyle By Touchline

You gotta payback whoever you owe
And know that you owe love and respect to whoever you know
They call me a prophet, that’s as far as my revenue goes
Maybe if I’m luck then they’ll love me forever, who knows?
I’m up and I’m setting new goals
Want it, I gotta have it
I see the bigger picture
My view is panoramic
I see it, I gotta grab it
I need it, I’m like an addict
How long has the boy been at it?
My rise has been automatic, sheesh!
Game in my hand, just pay me my bag
I lifted the hood, that explains all the pain in my back
I know you stay on the gram ’cause every slave needs an app
I’m scrolling past all your snaps, too many captions with cap, sheesh!
The demons visit (The demons visit)
If you don’t have the paper with Madiba’s image (With Madiba’s image)
And you know since we winning now
We’re hitting every single town, rolling with the windows down
So they can see us in it (See us in it)
Yeah, dreams of seeing millions
Dreams of feeling loved
Racism, rape, killings have you seen enough?
Is that a world problem?
Is it like the virus?
The pandemic kills but will the girls survive us?
Toxic masculinity, opposite of liberty
Poppa showed stability, dropped it all and live the dream
Unstoppable ability, to top it off, they mimic me
Don’t talk a lot, I’m thinking deep
Don’t rub me off the wrong way
Your raps sound like they had a long day
You treat my wins like they are your losses
What’s with the long face?
The Lord gives and the Lord takes
Your heart’s in the wrong place
Rerouting my lost ways, relighting my dark days
In need of a long break
Tell them I want all the smoke and it better be real, I do not vape
How much can your lungs take
First I was a near perfect athlete
Then I was flipping burgers at McD’s
Then I was flipping verses on mad beats
Got so many flows that my tracks leak
Mama had a job at the grocery store
And Thabo has a fan base that grows as he tours
And when you’re this gifted, you’re not supposed to be poor
Pretty woman hold me tight, she has her clothes on the floor
As she throw it back like pictures that she’s posted before
But the way that she controlled me is what tortured me more
Can’t believe I’m the same guy who’s calls she ignored
Man, Mr. Incredible, you said he’d never blow
Make you eat your words like your hate and doubt was edible
I’m the dopest in VIP and the dopest in general
As a kid, I’d let it flow, never could leave the pen alone
Head in the game way beyond ninety minutes
Writing lyrics, the sky’s the limit
The raps aren’t plain, even if they were
You know I’d be flying business, look up, I’m highly gifted
You squeeze one nostril, you inhale all my lines, addictive
Hey, do you look at me and see you?
Broken pieces of me complete you
It’s not for me if it’s not feeding the team too
A lot of things don’t come to life but dreams do

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