Tips on How To Build A Mountain Bike?

Tips on How To Build A Mountain Bike?

First of all, how to build a mountain bike is also not easy for anyone. But those who are passionate about mountain biking will pay a lot of attention to this issue. On the other hand, if you are also interested in this topic, let’s learn more about this in the article below.

What Is A Mountain Bike?

Mountain bikes (MTBs) are specially designed bikes to satisfy those whose passion is mountain biking. Cyclists must control bikes wisely with a brave spirit when they have to go through hills, gravel valleys, ravines, or any obstacles on their way.

The MTB is specially designed to be able to overcome a multitude of different types of topography. Typically, there are many varieties of mountain bikes that each are suited to a particular purpose. Therefore, you need to determine the type you want to buy for yourself.

Mountain biker riding his bike down a rocky pathway with sharp grey rocks and ominous black clouds overshadowing green wavy hills in the background.

Classification Of Mountain Bikes

Cross-Country Bike – The Most Common Type Of Mountain Bikes

Cross-Country bikes are the most common. They are designed to overcome obstacles at a medium level. They are manufactured from the lightest materials, allowing the riders to achieve maximum speed and traverse flat roads. This type is ideal for those who like to travel through rural areas with roads. Cross-country bikes are divided into two main types: Full-suspension and Hard-tail.

Determined young man riding mountain bike on a footpath along the lake or river on a clear autumn day. Healthy and active lifestyle concept

Freeride Mountain Bike

It is an exciting combination of MTB Freeride bike and BMX bike. They are designed for adventurers who like to conquer city-shaped topography such as stairs, sidewalks.

Downhill Mountain Bike

They are equipped with highly shock absorbers, whose only purpose is “falling down the pass.” But, of course, the faster it falls, the better it is, so the downhill fork must be great with a 200-203 mm length. 

MTB Freerider Rolling The Steeps

Distinguishing Full-Suspension And Hardtail Bikes

Full-suspension bikes require a rear fork, and the rear frame can rotate, which makes the production a lot more expensive. For example, Merida is also one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world, so the quality of its bikes is shown at a high level. In terms of complexity in design and the highest technology, the full-suspension bikes win while the hardtail is still lighter and often costs less to maintain.

While the hardtail is only a setup with two lighter discs and the entire suspension uses up to three rings thus, while the hardtail has a broader range, full-suspension bikes provide a smoother and more consistent transition. Furthermore, the hardtail uses a more modern bottom frame which is lighter, stronger, and easier to use.

Mountain bike with disc brakes and triangle blue frame. Sport bicycle isolated on white background

How To Practice Mountain Climbing By Bicycle Effectively?

Practicing Flexibility Of Your Body With Mountain Biking

When training with a smooth mountain bike, you will feel the pedaling force is heavier, and you have to use more force to get to the road ahead. It’s the perfect strength to train for a triathlon. However, there are some problematic slopes on the training route, and you not only need to change your body to climb the slope and combine with some other operations such as standing pedal, sitting out from the saddle. If you want to go faster, you must increase the pedaling force and increase the vehicle’s current speed.

Increasing Endurance With Mountain Biking

It has been shown that mountain bikers can maintain a higher heart rate and oxygen uptake for longer. Once you’ve mastered climbing, you’ll find it easier to ride your triathlon without much effort. Training with a mountain bike will increase your heart rate by 5-10 bpm (heart rate per minute) during the ride.

All top athletes, from sprinters to golfers, are trained for endurance. Riding a mountain bike will help you improve your current endurance significantly. Cycling requires the body to move constantly, keep balance and overcome unexpected obstacles that appear on the road. As a result, the muscles will work more; you limit injuries during training and competition.

Mountain Biking Improves Your Health

Combinations in the triathlon are essential. The first two kilometers of running after finishing cycling are tough, and you will feel that your steps are not natural. The main reason is that the strides during cycling are shorter than those of jogging. It is because the body has not yet adapted. As a result, your muscles shorten when running. However, training with a mountain bike forces you to cycle up and down in mountainous terrain. 

Moreover, mountain biking will help you learn how to ride more skillfully to overcome obstacles in the forest. You use the upper body more to control the bike, so the muscles are much more flexible, which will help you in swimming.

Exercise With A Mountain Bike

Try mountain biking to power up your triathlon, and you’ll be amazed at the results. First, you should start pedaling at a slow pace for 20 minutes and maintain an average speed of 20 minutes, pedaling at 110 pm. Then pedal at a slow pace for the last 20 minutes and complete your workout.

Some second mountain bike exercises you should practice: find an empty stretch or start pedaling from a standing position, then accelerate as fast as you can for 60-90 seconds, then slow down and go back to start, do 8-10 more times.

In cycling exercises, you have to stand all your body, so there is nothing to hold the hip bone at this time, so moving to pull the pedal is more difficult than usual. So instead, use your body weight to push down and let the bike move naturally. Don’t lean too much forward, pedal evenly, and, importantly, don’t let your foot slip. Letting the cadence slip will make you lose momentum, lose your balance, waste energy, and of course, when you return to a sitting position, keep pedaling evenly, pushing your body back. 

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Nice Color But Is It Right For You?

Of course, you will want the colors that you like for your bikes. Some people like the color of the frame according to their constellation. Some people choose the color for simplicity and elegance, like black and white, and some people choose it for personal preference. Moreover, choosing the right color makes the player’s psychology much more comfortable because that is also the purpose of making them change the frame, something new.

mountain bike is on a rough road. Nice Sunny day

Framework Compatibility With Current Parts Of Your Bike

You should start choosing from the first part of your bike and going backward are the critical criteria for getting the right frame. You will know all about how to build a mountain bike right now.

bicycle frame with parts and empty blackboard on carbon fibre background

Wheel Size Decides The Speed Of Your Bike

You will need to ensure that any frame you choose for building a mountain bike can match the wheel size. There are three kinds of wheel sizes: 26, 27.5, and 29 inches. Although some of the wheels will be wrong with the wheel frame, you should not choose to do it because it can damage the structure of the bike frame in the long run. 

Although the difference between wheels is not significant, the size of wheels decides the speed of your bike when you ride. Of course, the larger wheels give you faster speed, but you need to make sure the wheel size fits with your body when you ride a bike.

Mountain biker in action on a forest trail concept for healthy lifestyle, excercise and extreme sports

Forks Connect Wheels With Your Bike

The fork must match any new frames with the current number of journeys. Do you know how to build a mountain bike with forks? In other words, if you have a 14mm travel fork, the new frame has to be designed to fit with forks and wheels as well. Usually, you can also run with a fork with a more extended journey than the frame, for example, a 160mm fork and a frame specifically designed for 140mm. 

But the advice is not to run more than 20mm from the difference. If the fork is too large, it will damage the movement of the vehicle. It is good to choose a frame that matches with the existing or at least more extensive fork.

Male mountain biker repairing bicycle, young cycler repairing his bicycle in the mountains at sunrise.

Head Tubes Go With Pipes

Again regarding the fork. Head tubes only accept certain types of pipes, so you need to check if they fit the new frame or not? However, there are also converters available that allow incorrect head tubes to run in specific frames.

Drive (Fork Bowl Set)

Talking about the fork bowl, this is probably a pretty important component in any bike construction project. It is even tied to the frame design and has a multitude of unchangeable standards. The location can be internally, externally, integrated or detached. Unless you’re tight on cash, we always recommend that you be prepared to buy any new frame fork.

Bottom Frame

It is also the same important part as the fork collar, but not completely difficult. There are up to 2 types of frames below that are only screwed frames or suitable presses. Check your potential new frame specs to see the frame standard below. Hopefully, it will be like your current bike. If it’s not the same, please don’t worry. You can still get new frames. There are very few chainsets that won’t fit under framework setups.

It is also the same important part as the fork collar, but not completely difficult. There are up to 2 types of frames below that are only screwed frames or suitable presses. Check your potential new frame specs to see the frame standard below. Hopefully, it will be like your current bike. If it’s not the same, please don’t worry. You can still get new frames. There are very few chainsets that won’t fit under framework setups.

Front Mech

Some new frames are not designed to have a front mech. The front mech is also a kind of question about how to build a mountain bike. These frames are specially designed with a modern, single-chain system. If you still want a front mech, you should check if a new frame will fit with it or not.

Dimensions Of Saddle Seatpost 

The seam has three main diameters: 27.2mm, 30.9mm, and 31.6mm. If you see your current seat post, you will find the numbers somewhere on it. 27.2mm isn’t popular for frames – although it’s still outside but hard to run with head tubes or frames.

If your seat size is 30.9mm, it will match with any kind of frame with the same size of a seat tube. And it can go with a 31.6mm tube too. It would help if you bought within the size of shims to adapt it. If your seat is 31.6mm, it will not go with any new frame with a 30.9mm Seatpost, only be suitable with a 31,6 mm Seatpost.

You can check the top list of most comfortable mountain bike seats.

bike seat path isolated on white

Rear Frame Part

There’s a wide variety of rear axle designs, which means your rear wheel can heavily influence you to choose kinds of new frames. Buying a brand new rear wheel is also not cheap. You can convert your rear wheels to a range of other standard axles. For example, you can convert it from 135 to 142mm bolt-thru by changing the hubcaps. You should check in the beginning when looking for a new framework.

Your current rear base will be a 12 x 142mm, or 148mm bolt-thru. If the new frame you’re thinking about doesn’t have a boost hub right now, don’t be afraid of it. You should use the switch to match it.

derailleur mechanism closeup on a yellow mountain bike

Tire Clearance

Are you sure that a new frame will fit the number of tires you want? Is it large enough in comparison with 2.35″ tires soaked in a layer of heavy mud? A few frames – for example the 29 – can suffer from wide tires and heavy mud at the rear. Check the description of the new frame to know what MTB tire options are acceptable.

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Bicycle wheels, close up shot

Frame Size

We’ve seen many people choosing the wrong parts of bikes for them. Those who are attracted by discounted and liquidated frames finish with a lousy bike that doesn’t fit your riding position. On the other hand, it’s not worth convincing yourself to buy a frame that you know is not the right size for you.

We see too many people on bikes that are the wrong size for them. People who have been seduced by a ‘bargain’ only end up with a lousy bike that suits their riding and prevents their joyness. Don’t be like those. You will also hear conflicting advice that you shouldn’t buy a new frame based on its specified frame size. It is very likely to cause misunderstandings. For example, many people think they fit a Medium/18, but they are a Large/20. It would help if you first browsed through to check its size.

Length/width: this is complex for sure. Usually, I prefer longer bikes combined with short branches (35-50mm). If the standover is still fit, go for as a large frame as possible. More minor is not better as you think. Smaller is slower, while bigger is quicker, more endurable.

Relevance For Some Money Questions

We will talk more about buying a new framework. These questions have no final answers. The questions were about ” it’s up to.”

Full Suspension Or Hardtail

One common thing for a Hardtail and Full suspension frame is money. To afford a full-suspension bike, you should buy a Hardtail frame. A fully-priced full-suspension frame will be heavier, maybe in terms of durability and slightly outdated sportiness. For full suspension frames, there can be more conflicts with your current engine. Finally, it requires you to choose a large number of new accessories such as wheels.

Choosing A Frame Material

Usually, you can find the exact frames in aluminum or carbon versions. Aluminum versions will be much cheaper although it is heavier than a carbon frame. But the weight difference isn’t that much; there’s no more than a pound in difference.

What’s often confused about carbon and aluminum bikes is that most parts of the bike aren’t the same. Aluminum frame bikes are usually built with lower, cheaper build kits. It’s normal to integrate carbon bikes with more and more expensive construction kits. It shows that carbon is much lighter than aluminum. 

New Frame Vs. Brand New Bike

Despite the complete guide on choosing a new framework, we should also point out that it can not be the best choice for everyone. For example, if you’re rebuilding by spending a fortune because you need to buy many things to build a new frame successfully, you should think about the long term also.

But if you don’t have to be busy buying more stuff – or if you want a frame that isn’t available as a complete bike or as a complete bike in the way you want it to – we hope. These instructions will be helpful for you. 

Some Good Mountain Bikes

Asama Mountain Bike

Asama bicycle company is no longer a stranger. With a beautiful design, the front and rear wheels are equally significant, making it easy to move without consuming too much energy. In addition, the handlebars are designed to resemble a racing bike; you can easily keep your balance with these front-end designs.

High-quality materials, trendy design, sporty design give users a solid and healthy feeling. Moreover, it is easy to repair when damaged. In addition, this type of bike can also help you move more smoothly without spending too much-pedaling power.

Life Mountain Bike

Aluminum alloy design, with the optimal standard frame to make the bike sturdy. Not only rated as a long-distance bike, but also a proper sports bike in the city. It is also equipped with aluminum bags, fenders, shock absorbers, combined with 700x38C tires to make it look perfect, go faster, and lighter pedal than traditional bikes.

The highlight is its slim, sporty design. Bring dynamism and youthfulness to users. The car is also equipped with a spring-loaded fork with a cruise lock to let you feel comfortable riding, even if they encounter bad roads.

Galaxy Mountain Bike

A galaxy mountain bike is designed with a lightweight aluminum frame but loads up to 180kg. Combined with the Shimano Tourney 21 Speed ​​gear set, the speed is suitable for exercising in the city with a radius of 20km/day. It is equipped with mechanical disc brakes, and the front shock absorber helps minimize the terrain’s impact on the user.

Rims with 26-inch large wheels, suitable for people with a height of 1m55 to 1m80. A galaxy mountain bike is a bike launched to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Galaxy brand with four colors for you to choose from according to your preferences. 

Fornix FM26 Sports Bike 

It has a robust design, personality design, and super lightweight frame with a unique aerodynamic design to create a strong bike for the rider. On the side is a stamp printed with the Fornix manufacturer logo running diagonally, stylized and colored in a youthful and eye-catching way at first sight. Fornix FM26 with youthful color design, sporty style, suitable for school, work, exercise to help protect the environment and save costs.

It is equipped with a 24-speed gear shift with three front and eight rear discs to help you comfortably experience the speed level. Besides, 26-inch wheels are suitable for those with a height of about 1m6 or more, and if you want to be taller, you can adjust the saddle to suit your height. With a price of only over $100, it is very suitable as a close companion on all your journeys. 

Here is about building a mountain bike and some kinds of bikes that should be suitable for you. Building a mountain bike by yourself is a kind of hard thing to do. Most people will choose to buy a new one, instead of doing it. However, if you have a passion for it, you can try to know if it’s interesting enough for you. This kind of task also can waste your time, you should be patient for the first time you do. Hope the article is helpful for you with such kinds of questions. If you like our article, don’t forget to follow us on our website to read more about bikes and health.