The 13th Floor Elevators – Rose And The Thorn Lyrics

13th Floor Elevators
Bull Of The Woods
Rose And The Thorn
A brand new smile on a brand new angel’s face.
It won’t change, it won’t change.

You’re here to stay until your last living breath is complete.
It’ won’t change, it won’t change.

Here she comes, my love,
with the earth beneath her feet,
my love she comes.

She cares.
I do not ask her why she cares,
she cares.

And this is not untold,
within her eyes,
spoken by her soul.

The dawn of truth will rise!

Liberty will find us,
Grown cold, and make him stoned.

The canon stops it’s firing,
the unknown soldier will come home.

Faith cannot remain,
wicked words have been confirmed false.

A single drop of the rain,
the rose and and thorn…

The Rise and the Fall!

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