How to Shrink Leather Boots Effectively?

How to Shrink Leather Boots Effectively?

Have you bought a pair of leather boots that are too small? How to shrink leather boots effectively? Now, find a solution to make your shoes too small or too narrow for your feet.

How to Shrink Leather Boots?

Equipment and Tools

  • Old socks (Terry socks)
  • Scissor
  • Tape

The Elastic and the Velcro

If manual skills are not your thing and everything you touch is likely to break, admit your limitations and take the shoe to a professional.

  • If you are not afraid to work your way up and feel like a fix-everything test tube, go to a haberdashery, and get an elastic webbing at least 50 cm long (for both legs)
  • Curved needle
  • Waxed thread in the same color as your high shoe
  • Adhesive Velcro

This method applies well to suede but should be avoided on leather. Here is how to proceed:

  • First, take the elastic strap and tighten it around the calf or thigh to measure the circumference.
  • Mark the spot and then cut it.
  • Sew the two flaps together to create a kind of garter.
  • Cut a piece of adhesive Velcro approximately 3cm long.
  • Sew the Velcro to the boot using the curved needle, so it does not come off. To make sure that we do not see the new stitches you are going to give from the outside, you must be careful to follow the line of the original seam of the shoe.
  • Once you have applied the Velcro to the leg that is too wide, attach the other piece of Velcro to the garter.

So, you can say goodbye to stress and enjoy your non-stop walks. Now that you know how to fix it, why not buy an extra pair of outlet knee boots? From our discounted selection, we offer you some models:

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Sock method to keep high boots from falling off

Sometimes, the shaft is wider than the bottom of the shoe. It is custom-made to emphasize a certain style. It is the case of the famous camperos that has a wide brim just like the cowboy style wants.

The camperos returned this year to the spotlight of fashion, have the typical shape of the far west, and exist in the Texan boot version. It is more decorated than the first. Whatever the model, you have probably been browsing it.

If you use this model, you have often noticed that the problem does not arise when you choose to combine them with jeans. Why? The trousers create thickness and friction, both essential so that the high boots do not fall.

The matter becomes complicated when you decide to wear a skirt or a dress. You can also wear two pairs of 100 denier tights, but it will not be enough. What it takes are more full-bodied socks. Try wearing thick wool Parisian or 80s-style flash dance leg warmers. If you do not have skinny legs like a flamingo, it should be enough.

If you dislike seeing the Parisian or leg warmers sticking out from the hem of your shoes, no problem. You can use an old pair and cut off the extra part that comes out. In case you dislike the idea of ​​wearing socks that are too bulky, we have another remedy for boots that fall to suggest that it always counts socks:

  • Get some old socks such as terry socks are ideal
  • Cut the part of the elastic and the edge.
  • Create some DIY elasticized straps that you can use to create thickness only where it is needed, at the height of the shoe’s hem. You can leave them like this or sew the edges to prevent them from unraveling.
  • Depending on how thin your calf is, you can wear just one strap or several overlapping one another.

Double-sided tape and glue to hold the boots up

The problem of high boots that fall also concerns, and especially the cuissard in centimeters exceed all other types of shoe. It creates ugly wrinkles along the leg. You will experience unsightly, uncomfortable, and annoying.

If you are tired of doing push-ups to pull them up and you are dealing with baggy summer boots that you cannot fill with heavy socks, get yourself some long-lasting double-sided tape. It may seem like a bizarre remedy, but usually, the most basic solutions are also the most effective. Avoid using inferior quality scotch tape like that for paper but get a double-sided tape for fabrics and leather.

If you prefer, you can also use epidermal glue to apply to the skin in the leg area. It is a non-toxic or dangerous type of glue used by make-up artists for special effects in cinema.

Instruction Video

You can view the methods for shrinking leather boots via this video:

5 Solutions to Your Feet

Grandmother’s Advice: Cotton

Our grandmothers put pieces of cotton in oversized shoes. The solution was not very comfortable or practical, but it works.

2-in-1 Solution: Point Protectors

The toe protectors slip over the foot and allow you to feel comfortable in pumps that are too large. Originally, they are intended for people who practice classical dance and suffer from feet, but also for those who have plantar pain or hammertoes.

The gel positioned on the plantar area and above the toes prevents the formation of corns and calluses. It soothes the burning sensation.

Use the Pads

The shoe size pads adapt the ballerina shoes to your height. With different colors and silicone, they are malleable. To gain a few centimeters and if your shoes come off the heel when walking, the anti-slip patch or anti-slip is undoubtedly the solution.

You already have one placed by the manufacturer in the buttress’s line of the shoe. You can add an anti-slip or a self-adhesive anti-slip patch to the back of the shoe. In velour or gel, non-slip and invisible, they slip into the shoe and allow the foot to position itself further forward in the shoe.

The Soles to Gain a Few Millimeters

The sole has several qualities. It provides a good fit and support for the arch of the foot. Besides filling the voids of an oversized ballerina and elevating the foot, the sole absorbs the shock wave caused by weight and brisk walking.

Thanks to the elasticity of the hypoallergenic latex foam or gel underside, the sole returns to its initial shape. These soles are of better density, they absorb energy to prevent it from being transmitted to the foot. It prevents microtrauma of the joints and feet!

Solutions for DIY Enthusiasts

The ultimate solution is to wet oversized shoes and dry them in the sun or with a hairdryer. Once dry, we must put them on so that they retain the shape of the foot. You can repeat the operation as many times as necessary so that they are at your size.

There is also the possibility of adding an elastic band, well stretched and quite thick, at the back of your pumps. Just sew it with a needle. You can add this tip to the previous one or those developed above.

How to Wear the Boots According to Your Body Type?

If you are small and thin

The boots give you a pretty silhouette. Choose them instead with heels to get you going and preferably with an upper not too wide so that the shoe remains balanced concerning your fine pace.

You might float and the effect would be unflattering. Besides, avoid boots with too thick or too massive heels that would not give a good impression on your thin legs.

If you are short and round

You can opt for heeled boots to slim your figure. You can choose thick and square heels without problem as the effect will be more balanced with your leg. The shank can be wider depending on your calf. Avoid a rod with a super tight second skin effect as the result would not be classy.

If you are tall and thin

You can afford to wear heeled boots or flat boots since you are already slender. Choose medium heels instead if you are tall so as not to be too high.

If you are tall and round

You can opt for boots with thick and square heels. It is not too high that it does not make you look too massive. You can also choose a boot height that is well below the knee, preferably so as not to weigh down your figure.

If you have strong calves

Do you often ask which pairs of boots to buy according to your calves? We know that for some of you with stronger calves. It is mission impossible to find a model of boots that you can put on easily and feel comfortable for several hours.

Do not panic, especially avoid the zippers, or make sure the shaft is wide, both at the ankle and calf. You can also opt for a model with elastic which will be easier to put on or a model with back lacing that you can adjust according to your calf width while remaining comfortable.

Whatever your morphology, the secret of a classy boot lies in the upper’s width, neither too hard nor too tight. It comes from the bottom to the top for a slender effect, in the leather’s quality sufficiently thick and placed so as not to descend on the ankle permanently. So, it guarantees a stable hold.

Boots Knowledge

The boots create beautiful body contours and create warm feelings in winter. They have only one flaw: that they are often too wide on the calf and slide down the leg. So, after having longed for a pair of long boots, once we put them on, we almost regret having bought them.

Behind their irresistible shoe facade, they hide some different pitfalls that often make us give up wearing them. If you also have a pair of boots that go down, know that there are solutions! So, how to shrink leather boots effectively?

Below, we suggest three remedies to tighten the bootleg you can try. For some of these methods, you will only need what you find in the drawers. For others, roll up your sleeves a bit. And in both cases, you will resolve this problem once in the end.

Boots are always in a fashion no matter what, and especially if you match them correctly with your outfits. If you do not have a lot of inspiration for wearing the latest pair of boots you bought, do not panic! This section on how to wear the boots well is for you.

A boot is a high shoe that encloses the foot, ankle, and calf. It may be higher or lower, depending on the models. The most common one stops just below or in the middle of the knee. We will consider a lower model as an ankle boot or low boots. A higher model, like a thigh-high boot.

Originally, the boot had a rather utilitarian function such as to ride a horse, to move in the rain, or after a day of skiing (ski boots). Since the 17th century, it has also been part of the military uniform. In the 1960s, it became a real fashion accessory and was most often worn with a short skirt. In the 90s and thanks to the movie Pretty Woman, she became popular and is often associated with sexual fetishism. The boot can be put on thanks to a zipper or an elastic, usually placed on the side.

How to Wear Boots Well?

You can wear boots with a lot of different outfits.


If you want to wear them with jeans, wear a slim model close to the body, it will be prettier and more stylish than with loose or wide jeans. The crucial thing is that the boot follows your leg and only slim jeans can make this effect consistent.

You can also add a nice 3/4 coat, neither too long nor too short to reveal the whole boot and be warm at the same time in winter.


As for dresses and skirts, you can give yourself to your heart’s content because boots go with almost everything. As a shade, all the same, it all depends on whether you wear your outfit during the day or in the evening.

During the day to go to work, we advise you to choose a length above the knee or midday. It will be wiser and classier compared to the context of the work. You can choose a sweater dress, a flowing silk dress, a leather skirt, and it is not too short.

For your evenings, you can allow yourself to let go a little more. The skirt can be short, in leather or not. The dress can be shorter too, and why not shiny if you are already thinking about your holiday outfit? Whatever the outfit, the boot will lengthen your leg and give a feminine and classy aura to your figure.

Even if it is a little less fashionable in recent years with the massive arrival of ankle boots and low boots in the women’s wardrobe, have a pair in your wardrobe. We also advise you to opt for a model with medium heels and you will have a lot of use in everyday life.

Boot Brands to Follow


Aldo is a Canadian brand created in the 70s. Their models of boots are quite varied and you can find both flat, heeled, leather, suede models.

There is something for all styles. A favorite for this bohemian model is camel suede with flat heels and rear fringes. They will give you an original and stylish little Pocahontas look without going overboard.


We never go back to the fact that we like this brand. You already know that if you follow my fall challenge every week. Boots are also a flagship accessory at Sezane.

They have all the criteria I told you about above to combine style, comfort, and elegance: the right height of heels, the right width of the upper, the right quality of leather. The image speaks for itself and a special mention for their black and camel models.

Isabel Marant

The French brand is best known for its low boots. You can find suitable models of boots for everyday use thanks to a heel that is not too high and again an adequate upper that gives an elegant look.

Preparing for a hole in your budget if you fall for this brand is rather expensive. Suddenly, it is not a priority value for money.

Patricia Blanchet

Original French brand and surprising in its creations, Patricia Blanchet will seduce you thanks to models that leave the beaten track. It is also a favorite that brings together all the criteria already mentioned above. If you want to have a rock-and-roll look while being classy, go for it with your eyes closed.

The question of how to wear the boots is now no longer a secret, it is up to you. We hope this article has inspired you and made you want to wear this pair of shoes more often. And you, do you like boots? How do you wear them? Leave me a comment!


Is there a way to shrink leather boots?

If your leather shoes have become too relaxed to wear, or if your new leather shoes are too wide, you might shrink them. It is easy but be aware that shoes could get damaged if you do not take care of them properly. It is going to be rather difficult to shrink your shoes by more than half.

How can I make my boots tighter?

It is simple. Your foot will move slightly forward inside the shoe. You will fill the gap at the front but also better fill the footwear by advancing your instep in the shoe.

How do you shrink leather shoes that are too big?

It is a simple method that will just ask you to get the famous foam pads. It places them just at the level of the front of the shoe so that your foot is better positioned and no longer slips. Thanks to this technique and depending on the pads purchased, you can lose between 1/4 and 1 full size.

What can I do if my boots are too big?

The ultimate solution is to wet shoes too big and dry in the sun or with a hairdryer. Once dry, we must put them on so that they retain the shape of the foot. You can repeat the operation as many times as necessary so that they are at your size.

Final Words

You have already been told how to choose the right size and how to make your shoes bigger if they are not perfectly comfortable. If there are areas that are sore or damage your feet. Another equally common question remains shoes that are too big. Here, what solutions are within your reach?

How do you know if oversized shoes are salvageable? A note foreword that is between two sizes, one too small and the other too large, it is always better to buy the pair of shoes slightly too large, especially in length. We remind you we cannot lengthen a shoe.

Now, you need to learn to differentiate the adaptable gap from the gap you will never close. Remember that the shoes that are too big will wrinkle unsightly. These folds and the friction because of the lack of support of your foot in the shoe will make you suffer. A little reminder of the differences between sizes, according to the point system.