How To Make A Water Bottle Holder For Your Bike?

How To Make A Water Bottle Holder For Your Bike?

One of the essential things you must have when cycling is a bottle of water. Now, let’s find out how to make a water bottle holder for your bike in the simplest way. 

You can buy a cool water bottle holder in any store. However, if you are interested in my DIY bike water bottle holder, you can make it easier. My guide will show you to make the holder and the way to install it well on your bike. 

Do not let you wait any longer. Let’s get started!

What To Prepare for DIY Bike Water Bottle Holder

  • Sandpaper
  • Spray paint
  • Hexagonal wrench
  • A bottle (cap)
  • Tin place as the base
  • Soldering gun/ acid
  • Main steel wire which is solid and easy to curve
  • Soft wire

How To Make A Water Bottle Holder For Your Bike

You can follow the instructions of this YouTube video for the most accurate method.

Step 1: The base

You have to begin with measuring the distance between the hoes and between the bike’s fame. Then fold one part of the base at the 90 degrees angle, and after that, mark the locations. Then, you can drill the holes.

Step 2: Soldering & Curving

Just start with tightening the base of the bike frame and make sure that the bent edge is facing down. After that, place the bottle at the base to decide the best shape you can use for the bottle. You also can search for finding out different shapes that you are interested in and can use. 

You use the soft metal wire, and you create a template of the bottle holder’s upper parts. Then do it using the strong wire. Do not forget to put the solder after you are completed. Use the sandpaper and sand the solder together with wire. You also try to fix the bottle into the holder properly. The bottle must fit securely on the holder. 

Step 3: Painting

You can now paint the holder and leave it to dry. After finishing, please put it on the bike frame carefully. Painting is very important as it will help to prevent the holder from rusting. 

Notice: Making a DIY water bottle holder for a your affordable mountain bike is accessible and valuable. However, you have to make sure that you have used a solid wire to hold the bottle well. Besides, make sure that the holder will accommodate the bottle’s size. 

Water Bottle Holder From the Coat hanger

Have you ever thought about making a holder for a bottle from the coat hanger? It is effortless and cheap. So what you will need to prepare are only one coat hanger, some screws and washers, two pliers, electrical tape, drill, and drill bit. 

Then in just 20 minutes, you will make one, and it will take 10 minutes to install. Why don’t you try it right now?

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Step 1: Bending the hanger

Firstly, you take a coat hanger and make it straight. That way, there a no confusing bends to mess up your mind. 

Then you look for the holder’s style you like on the internet, choose on. 

Step 2: Finish bending

After bending it to the shape, you can test it first to see if it fits with your bottle. I also tested one of mine with a metal water bottle that is in a different shape. Use the tape to tape the ends. 

Grab drill, screws, and washers. Take the washers and bend them so they fit the tube’s curve for a tight fit. 

You can use the wood screws, but anything that fits well will work. 

Mak and drill holes to put shaders on. Try it to see if it falls out while riding, bend it tightly. 

Step 4: Closing remarks 

The final step just hit the trails. 

How To Install The Water Bottle Holder On the Bike


4mm Allen wrench

Water bottle cage

Braze-on bolts 

Water bottle

How to install

We will start by removing the bottle cage bolts in the frame, determining where you want to mount the bottle, and paying attention to the bolts on that tube. 

Use the finger / Allen key to turn them counterclockwise until they pop out. 

Ensure to keep track of those bolts when you remove them. They will bounce into hard-to-reach spots or straight-up turns when you drop on the floor. 

Position the bottle cage against the braze-ons where you want it mounted. 

Tighten the bolts by and hold the cage well in place. 

When it reaches up to your satisfaction, tighten them down with the wrench to secure it up. 

For the top bolt, you have a little hard time getting the wrench in there. However, it is easy for an L-shaped Allen wrench. 

If the bottle cage is aluminum, you will not want to bend it daily since it’s fatigued. However, it will make the installation much more accessible and a handy trick when you pick up a new bottle with some different dimensions. 

If it is too tight/loose for your bottle, bend the back cage gently to the place you need. 

Not get things snuggled up and start riding your bike!

How to Install Water Bottle Cage On Bikes Without Holes

This information will help someone’s bikes without the option for fixing water bottle cages. 

Drill the bottle cage holes

This is not suggested since it might take tremendous skill and practice to drill a hole at the exact location and size. If you are not careful, you can immediately cause irreversible damage to the bike’s frame. 

Zip tie

Zip ties are the cheapest way to fit the bottle cage to your good road bike with the rusty zip ties. They are available. They could be used for fastening your bottle cage to the bike quite securely. However, they could become loose over time. But they are easy to cut and replace. 

Water bottle cages with the tabs

You can buy water bottle cages which come with the small tabs poking out at the bottom and top. Then use the electrical tape for wrapping a few rounds around the cage tabs and frame of the bike. 

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Seat post cage mounting

You can add the bottle cage below your seat. It is convenient and easy. 

How Do You Keep The Water Bottles Cool?

Have you ever thought about being miles into a long and hot ride and looking for a refreshing drink but finally getting your mouth full of gross and hot water. Don’t worry, and I will give you some easy hack for keeping the bottle cool during the scorching hot time. 

  1. Fill the bottle halfway with water
  2. Please put it in the freezer and lay it on the side for making the column of ice down one side of the water bottle
  3. Fill up water the rest of the way, and then you are ready to go. 

Besides, you can try to combine this trick with the insulated bottle or add in a drink mix. Remember to drink 10-12 milliliters/kg of body weight which is about 20 oz bottle/ hour for a 150lbs rider. 

Drinking water helps to lose weight, avoid kidney disease, and put us in a nice mood. 

Why Should I Use a Water Bottle Cage?

Water bottle cage support in holding the water bottle in very terrain and application. It is light, durable, and provides easy side and vertical entry. 

The cages are also made from alloys, plastic, or carbon fiber. The simple type contains single-shaped loops of tubular alloy. Besides, it is heavier than plastic or carbon fiber cages. 

It also provides easy access to hydration when you are on the ride. You will be able to secure the bottle of water that you buy while riding. 

Most water bottle cages have the collar in the same position, related to vellum, but some feature controllable bottle stoppers to fine-tune retention and fit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a bottle cage fit all bikes?

There are threaded eyelets with a standardized distance between them, which will fit most types of bike water bottle cages on the market. Several bike frames feature more mounting points, some with less, and dependent on the frame’s style. 

How tight should the water bottle bolts be?

Tighten the bolts to a max of 0.94-1.23 kgf. cm/ 0.09 -0.12 NM/ 0.81-1.06 inches Lbs torque with 4mm Allen wrench. If over tightening the bottle bolts will make the carbon bottle cage cracking, whihc has not come under the warranty. 

What is the standard bike water bottle?

The standard size of the bike water bottle is 2-⅞ inches or 73mm in diameter and 5 inches or 127 mm tall or with the indentation, which is far from the bottom for the rub on the cage for engaging. 

To know more about the sizes of most bikes, please read more on this bike size chart.

Can I drill the hole in the bike frame?

As mentioned, you can do it. Just use a small drill from 1/16 -⅛ inches, and care completely that the holes are in line with the tube. Besides, you should make sure when drilling into the seat tube, and you do not go through and damage the tube’s other side. 

Can I drill the carbon bike frame?

You should not drill holes in a carbon frame. The reason is that you can drill holes in games that are specifically designed areas with the reinforcement for the post-molding machining processes.