Hans Strydom Biography: Age, Wife, Net Worth, Movies, Binnelanders, Wiki

Hans Strydom Biography: Age, Wife, Net Worth, Movies, Binnelanders, Wiki.

Johannes Strydom (born 14 May 1947) professionally addressed as Hans Strydom is a South African actor, director, and actor.

He is a veteran in the South African Entertainment industry and has been a major part of the industry since 1973.

He is popularly known for his role as Dr. Stephen Marshall in the well-received 1989 film, The Gods Must Be Crazy 2.

Early Life

Hans Strydom was born on the 14th day of May in the year 1943. He was born in Durban in South Africa and was a witness and victim of Apartheid in South Africa. He was motivated by Apartheid and studied law to help defend South African blacks.


Hans Strydom completed his primary and secondary school education in Durban, South Africa. He went ahead to obtain a degree in Law (LLB) from Potchefstroom University.


Hans Strydom was employed to work in 1964 at the South African Department of Justice at Magistrate’s Court at Durban. He worked there till 1972 when he left to serve as a public prosecutor in Ladysmith. He served for four years and resigned to face and develop a career in acting in 1976. He was of the first South Africans to appear on television.

In 1976, he made his first film appearance in the film, Someone Like You. He appeared in early South African movies and has appeared in most of the top blockbuster and popular South African movies and television shows like Binnelanders, Egoli: Place of Gold, The Res, Platinum, Oepse Daisy, Autumnland and the Emissary, The Gods Must be Crazy 2 and Generations.

He sued the South African Broadcasting Cooperation (SABC) in 2002. The Cooperation refused to reward actors for rebroadcasting and television show reruns. He won the case and the SABC paid the required fine placed by the court.

Since then, Hans Strydom has helped to represent actors and artists to receive the correct fee from the South African Broadcasting Cooperation (SABC)


  • He received the ATKV best actor award for his excellent performance for his role in Binnelanders in 2017.


Hans Strydom has appeared in over 30 South African films and television shows. Some of them include;

  • The Emissary
  • The Gods Must be Crazy
  • Sleyrstroom
  • Hagenheim: Streng Privaat
  • Triptiek 2

Personal Life

Hans Strydom is happily married to Catharina Ras with children.

He is currently enjoying his retirement from the entertainment industry although he still appears in several guest roles.

Net Worth

Hans Strydom has amassed a net worth of $1,000,000-$20,000,000. Most of his wealth was amassed from over 40 years of acting.