Ginger Trill – High End, Pt .2 Lyrics

Lyrics For High End  Pt 2 By Ginger Trill

Uh, special preference, opulence coded in excellence
Heaven sent, this level of eleganc
Decadence, only at selected outlets
Pardon the fresh
You bet this ain’t out yet, hard as it gets
Harder to get, you might just have to charter a jet
To witness the perfect mixture of art and finesse
It’s a jewel, something you gotta guard and protect
It’s upper echelon, reserved for the megalodons
Exclusive, invite-only, you know the rules, kid
Fine divas, timepieces, sublime features
Top dollar and it’s not gonna change
Popping champagne, everything is top of the range
Not a damn thing, just maintain a healthy balance
Everything is in great taste, expensive palate
Three-course with the caviar
From “Hey, mister!” to A-listed, here we are, uh!

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