Ginger Trill – Cool Off Freestyle Lyrics

Lyrics For Cool Off Freestyle By Ginger Trill

Fresh, uh, like a newborn, y’all is lukewarm
I’m in true form, I’ve been too on
Papi gone, I just keep glowing
I can keep going, shining too strong
Popping too long, grinding till dawn
Mobbin’ til morn’
Top it till dawn, not the [?], dog
You’ve got to move calm
The chopper shoot bombs
The drop a jewel god
Knock a few off, swarve is too awesome
Like my new sauce
Got the block hot, had to cool off
Drop the top vibes, tear the roof off
Let the tool buck, moon-walk on the break
Smooth talk cost the grip
Ooh, dog I caught the leak
Uh, I’m the shit, be cautious the drip
It’s too hot for your bitch
Too hot, you could slip
Move large unit piff

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