Dominique Hurd and Peter Robinson Update, Dead Silent Picture Of Evil Revisits Gruesome Murder

Dominique Hurd, a University of Arkansas pre-medications understudy, and her sweetheart, Peter Robertson, were grabbed on December 13, 1999, from a parking garage in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Dominique Hurd sought to work in the clinical field and was selected at the University of Arkansas to concentrate on medication.


On the day they were seized, Hurd and Peter consented to have lunch, however they had no clue about the thing was hanging tight for them.

Dominique Hurd and Peter Robinson Update: What Had Happened To Them? Dominique Hurd, then, at that point, 19 years of age, was an understudy at the University of Arkansas in Pine Bluff, studying Mass Communication and minoring in Biology.

Hurd was killed in an appalling kidnapping and shooting case. Dominique was an individual from the college’s cheerleading crew and was named “Most Spirited Cheerleader.” She likewise sang with the school’s gospel ensemble.

Dominique had a sweetheart named Peter Robertson, who was about as old as her.

On December 13, 1999, Dominique and Peter were taking photographs in a parking garage when Kenneth Williams, a sentenced criminal, moved toward them and proposed to snap a picture of them together.

Surprisingly fast, Kenneth took out a pistol and requested the couple into their vehicle.

Dead Silent Story And Murder Details “Dead Silent: Picture of Evil,” a Discovery narrative, drives the audience through the instance of this hijacking case and the further police examination.

In the wake of requesting the couple to get inside the vehicle, Kenneth Williams denied them of every one of their things, including money, gems, and Visas. Robertson was then compelled to drive Williams to an ATM and pull out more money.

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He guaranteed the pair that he wouldn’t hurt them as they drove.

During the capturing, he told Dominique’s sweetheart, Peter, to snap a photo of her with her spruce up and her undies down.

Soon after, he started firing the couple, exhausting his handgun prior to heading out. He later deserted the vehicle and put a match to it.

Dominique died of a shot injury to the head, while Peter made due, and afterward he got hit by a passing vehicle and gotten back to contact the police.

Williams deserted the taken car after the episode and set it ablaze.

Where Could Kenneth Williams Now be? After five days, Kenneth Williams was captured and was accused of capital homicide, endeavored capital homicide, two charges of grabbing, two counts of bothered burglary, two counts of robbery of products, and one demonstration of torching.

He was indicted for life in prison without the chance of being delivered by a jury.

Nonetheless, Williams got away from three weeks after the fact, on October 3, 1990, and it required almost 12 hours for anybody to find that he was absent.

He took a pickup truck and a few guns during his getaway and afterward went to Missouri, where he drove police on a rapid pursuit. From that point onward, his truck collided with another vehicle, and he was secured.

On April 27, 2017, he was executed by deadly infusion at the Cummins Unit of the Arkansas Department of Corrections jail.

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His last dinner comprised of two bits of seared chicken with sweet rice, a peanut butter treat, a cut of toast, BBQ pinto beans, and a cinnamon roll.