Do You Know How To Stop Shoes From Rubbing Achilles?

Do You Know How To Stop Shoes From Rubbing Achilles?

Frequent use of shoes or improper shoe care will cause the soles of your shoes to wear out quickly. You will wonder if there is a way to stop shoes from rubbing Achilles. So, let’s find the answer with us in the article below.

Types Of Wearing Shoes Out

There are actually different types of wearing shoes out depending on the type of shoe you have. If you want to make your shoes last as long as can, then you can use one or more of these tips to help keep them in good condition.

The Outside Of The Shoes Is Worn Out

After wearing shoes for a while, many people see that the sole edge of the shoe is seriously worn out, but the inside is still like new. It proves that when walking, you only use the force of the side of the feet. Some people only see an abrasion on one side of the shoe. The other side is normal. These cases are very prone to sprains. Walking for a long time without applying uniform force is harmful to the knees, quickly causing arthritis.

Wearing Out The Shoes From The Inside

In some other cases, the inside of the shoe sole is more abrasive. People with this situation may have a bent knee or feet disease. Also, because people with flatfoot walk on the road often do not have enough support, they use the center of the foot to touch the ground, so the inside of our foot has to use a lot of force, which will cause internal collapse. 

The people whose knees are crooked inward will also have a similar situation. For example, when walking on the road, the knee will be severely bent, causing the inner shoe to appear worn. Feet elasticity of some people with flat feet disease is much lower than, which causes the muscles in the legs to be stretched all the time. As a result, cramps and swelling of the ankles are common in this group of people. In addition, if you walk this way for a long time, your pelvis will also be bent forward, leading to back pain, and even in old age, urine leakage can appear.

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The Two Sides Of The Shoes Are Unevenly Worn Out

It proves that when you go on the road using uneven force on both sides of the foot, one side is more abrasive on the outside, the other side is mainly on the inside. The most common situation is “short legs.” Some other cases are due to an injured foot. In the process of recovery, do not dare to use force in that painful foot. This condition can last until the leg is completely healed and still cannot be repaired.

Shoe Soles Wear Out Too Quickly

Our normal walking posture is slightly shaped like an 8. When walking like this, the abrasion site will be concentrated on the outside of the heel, gentle and symmetrical. If the soles of a person’s shoes wear out too quickly, the cause may be a problem with the person’s hip joint. This situation lasts for a long time, and walking will become dragged, the sole of the shoe will also wear out faster.

Walking posture in daily life is essential. It not only affects a person’s temperament and has a significant influence on health. Improper walking posture for a long time will have a high risk of bone and joint diseases, and the temperament will also decline. You should correct your walking posture to improve your health from now on.

How Long Does It Take For A Shoe Sole’s Life?

A simple rule of thumb is to change your shoes every 500-600km, depending on your running pattern, weight, and the surface of the road you’re running on. Heavier runners may need to change their shoes sooner. You’re also more likely to have to change your shoes more often if you’re out of shape or running on rough terrain.

Remember, not all running shoes are created equal. Running shoes or flat soles will have a shorter lifespan than rugged, thick soles. Even when following this guide, you should still pay attention to the feel and look of your shoes. If you find them worn out, it’s time to change your shoes.

How To Stop Shoes From Rubbing Achilles

One of the pretty common habits with most users is using shoes as soon as they are bought without “protection.” Protecting shoes before use will help them keep their shape and last longer during use. Shoes are used for a long time. The shoe’s sole is friction with the road surface, the floor and gradually worn out over time. 

In addition, it may be due to the user’s walking habits. For example, not lifting your feet but swiping your shoes on the road will cause the soles to wear out quickly, scratch the leather on the soles and lose the form of the shoes.

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Using Sole Shoe Pads

Apply an extra layer of rubber underneath the sole so that the shoe does not wear out. With suede shoes, you should wrap a thin layer of candle wax on the outside. This tip helps keep your shoes from fading and is water-resistant for suede shoes.

Avoid Using Leather Shoes When It Rains

Another small note is that for suede shoes, it is best not to go in the rain. Because of rainwater, stains will cause shoes to be damaged, leather to be soft. Even though shoes are made from high-quality materials to popular ones, it is still recommended to avoid water when using them. Leaving shoes with water often will cause their materials to be worn, quickly damaged. Also, the soles under the shoes are easy to peel and create odors when used.

Using Anti-Moisture Tablets

One more helpful way to eliminate odors in leather shoes is that all-day shoes are often wet with sweat, causing odors. Therefore, it is recommended to place a bag of moisture-proof tablets in the shoes to absorb moisture and sprinkle with talcum powder to deodorize.

Some Tips For Preserving Shoes Longer

Only Wear Shoes When You Run

It’s tempting to wear light running shoes all day because they’re so comfortable. But regularly wearing shoes when not running can significantly reduce the life of the shoe. So set them aside at the end of the workout and switch to an old, “retired” pair of shoes.

Put On And Take Off Properly

Always loosen the laces when you put your shoes on and take them off. Failure to loosen the laces when putting on or taking off can damage the heel because the shoes are overstretched.

Keep Your Shoes Clean

Pre-clean your shoes after each run to remove dirt, mud, or water. Also, remove any stones or gravel stuck in the sole of the shoe. You need to wash your shoes but don’t throw them in the washing machine. Instead, use a sponge and some soapy water, hand wash, and let the shoes dry naturally.

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Always Let Your Shoes Dry Naturally

Never throw shoes in the tumble dryer or place them on the vent. High heat can damage the material and sole of your shoe.

Alternating The Shoes

Instead of just using one pair of running shoes daily, consider buying two pairs to replace while you need to wash or dry the other pair. You can also change shoes depending on the type of road. Running as well as weather conditions. Here’s how to prevent shoe sole wear. Hope the article has provided helpful information for you and see you on our new article topics.