BenchmarQ – Boss Moves Lyrics

Lyrics For Boss Moves By BenchmarQ

[Intro: Pjay Jody]
It is what it is if it’s not what it was, feel me?
Trigga! Trigga! Trigga! Trigga!

[Verse 1: Pjay Jody]
The movement started in the West and flourished in the North
I’m not gon’ sit here like [?] she wasn’t really forced (Yeah)
Fire catalogue though
But nobody was reaching out, nobody was passing the torch
You’ve heard that one before so let me fast-forward
We never signed the papers, it was back and forth, about how the paperwork was unethical and kinda forged
Two year verbal deal just to cut it short (Boss)
Established XLR in 2011 on our way to a music college to make it solid
We done payed our dues, strictly from our own wallets
All the power in our moves is sponsored by our knowledge (Yeah)
Passed on shady offers and making easy M’s
Turning a house into an office wasn’t an easy spend
And making money is not as easy as making friends
And seeing the vision the way we do is not an easy lense (Yeah)
I’d never take a shitty deal and claim I did it for the culture when I got a daughter to feed (No!)
I would never throw stones out of a glass house knowing very well I ain’t go a title deed (No!)
Me and my nigga are Master P shit
Plus we own our masters so payment on royalties and shit
This is not for soft niggas, we do it the hard way
Put in work, on some sweat and bleed shit

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[Refrain: Pjay Jody]
Boss moves, how we manoeuvre
Boss moves, yeah
Boss moves, how we manoeuvre
Boss moves

[Verse 2: Tkay]
How you turn a win into a loss?
Signing up with a boss
A rich nigga want assets, a broke nigga wants sauce
Niggas wanna sign contracts but never read no clause
You got sauce, you a stunner but the masters ain’t yours
They drop you off a record label, you don’t keep the house
Now you lost your niggas, you don’t even keep the couch
Playing Russian roulette with the [?], you’re a bum
It’s fame over money for these niggas
A king needs a queen and these niggas need bitches
How you live with your phone and your boss keep your digits?
(2020 gave myself a new advance)
(Barely talk about it but we got the slaps)
Never had it easy, never signed no deal-i
Been a bad boy from day one but I ain’t P. Diddy
Made it easy for everybody to leave that label
They got amnesia, I’m the one that’s stable
Who you look up to?
The money or the fame?
Your fam needs sneakers, I fell off stage
Nearly fucked up face, but I got paid
I put the food on plate
Stu’ fifty K
Invest in I and Jay
Still eat no fish
These niggas keep talkin’ but they want this piece
Dope things take time, that’s why they ain’t cheap, yeah

[Refrain: Tkay]
Boss moves
Boss moves
We had to make boss moves
Boss moves
We had to make…