2Pac – I Don’t Give A Fuck Lyrics

I don’t give a fuck, they done push me to the limit the more I live
I might blow up any minute, did it again
Now I’m in the back of the paddy wagon
While this cops bragging about the nigga he’s jackin’

I see no justice, all I see is niggas dying fast
The sound of a gun blast, then watch the hurst past
Just another day in the life ‘G’
Gotta step lightly ‘cuz cops tried to snipe me

The catch, they don’t wanna stop at the brother man
But then they’ll have an accident and pick up another man
I went to the bank to cash my check
I get more respect from the muthafuckin’ dope man

The Grammy’s and the American music shows pimp us like hoes
They got dough but they hate us though
You better keep your mind on the real shit
And fuck trying to get with these crooked ass hypocrites

The way they see it, we was meant to be keep down
Just can’t understand why we getting respect now
Mama told me they’re be days like this
But I’m pissed ’cause it stays like this

And now they trying to send me off to Kuwait
Gimme a break, how much shit can a nigga take
I ain’t goin’ nowhere no how, what you wanna throw down
Better bring your guns pal, ‘cuz this is the day we make ’em pay

Fuck bailin’ hate I bail and spray with my AK
And even if they shoot me down, there’ll be another nigga bigger
From the muthafuckin’ underground,, so step but you better step quick
‘Cause the clocks goin’ tick and I’m sick of the bullshit

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You’re watching the makings of a physcopath
The truth didn’t last, before the wrath and aftermath
Who’s that behind the trigger? Who’d do yah figure?
A muthafuckin’ night nigga, ready to buck and rip shit up

I had enough and I don’t give a fuck, niggas, isn’t just the blacks
Also a gang of muthafuckas dressed in blue slacks
They say niggas hang in packs and their attitude is shitty
Tell me, who’s the biggest gang of niggas in the city

They say niggas like to do niggas
Throw me in the cuffs with just two niggas
A street walkin’ nigga and a beat walkin’ nigga with a badge
I had to shoot yah and the pass for the blast take his cash

And bash his head in dump him at the dead in and that’s just his luck
‘Cause a nigga like me don’t really give a fuck
Walked in the store what’s everybody staring at
They act like they never seen a muthafucker wearing black

Following a nigga and shit, ain’t this a bitch
All I wanted was some chips, I wanna take my business else where
But where? ‘Cause who in the hell cares
About a black man with a black need

They wanna jack me like some kind of crack fiend
I wonder if knows that my income is more than
His pension, salary and then some
Your daughter is my number one fan

And your trife ass wife wants a life with a black man
So who’s the mac in fact who’s the black jack
Sit back and get fat off the fat cat
While he thinks that he’s getting over

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I bust a move as smooth as Casanova and count another quick meal
I’m getting paid for my traid but its still real
And if you look between the lines you’ll find a rhyme
As strong as a fuckin’ nine

Mail stacked up niggas wanna act up
Let’s put the gats up and throw your backs up
But the cops getting dropped by the gun shot
Usta come but he’s done, now we run the block

To my brothers stay strong keep yah heads up
They know we fed up, but we they just don’t give a fuck
They just don’t give a fuck, I gotta give my fuck offs

Fuck you to the San Francisco Police Department
Fuck you to the Marin county Sheriff Department
Fuck you to the F.B.I., fuck you to the C.I.A.
Fuck you to the bush, fuck you to the America

Fuck you to all you redneck prejudice muthafuckas and fuck yah
Fuck y’all, punk gay sensitive little dick bastards, 2paclypse
Muthafuckin’ know, y’all can kiss my ass and suck my dick and
My uncle Tommy’s balls, fuck y’all, punks, punks, punks, punks, punks