2gether – You’re My Baby Girl Lyrics

12th of April we decided it was time
I was feeling good, you were looking fine
On the basement floor with TRL behind
You were loving me with Carson Daly on your mind

You’re my baby girl
You know that you are
You’re my honeybunch and
My sweet lucky star
So put your hand in mine
I will slap your sweet behind
You’re my baby girl

E is for Erin and making out with you
R is for wrong that’s what you like to do
I is for eyes that are smiling back at me
N is for nasty which we do constantly


Hot dogs and hamburger, unzip me please
Erin likes ketchup but go easy on the cheese
I like to look down on her naked from above
She’s just like Gwyneth Paltrow
I’m like Shakespeare in Love

(Chorus 2x)

You’re the one I really want
(Repeat until end)

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