20 What Color Shoe Trends Match With A Lavender/Purple Dress

20 What Color Shoe Trends Match With A Lavender/Purple Dress

You have a lavender dress, and you’re wondering what color of shoes to wear? This is the question I get asked a lot. Since ancient times, women have worn excellent purple dresses because the color reminds them of heaven and magic. That’s why These gowns are available for purchase in palettes from dark, deep purple to light, pastel lilac.

Now that you’re asking this question, it’s safe to say you’ve found yourself in quite a pickle. You want your outfit to look polished, elegant, and put together but, at the same time, classy enough. The most effective method for achieving this goal is by coordinating your accessories carefully.

This post will show you 20 hot trend color shoe trends for this year that you can match with a lavender dress for a hot summer look.

1. White Platform Shoe

Finding white shoes can be a pain. First, you have to look hard. What I enjoy about this style is how simple the shoe is and how comfy it is, thanks to the fluffy platform. The white shoe will give your outfit an added brightness, making it ideal with a lavender dress in a dark shade such as plum or eggplant. This trick is called platform shoes, and they come in many leg-lengthening shapes, but all of them have one thing in common: they’re made so that you look taller.

2. White Strappy Sandal

This trend is just so fresh, simple, and elegant. It’s a mix between ballet shoes and sandals. It makes your feet look hot and very glamorous. If you need something edgier, I suggest you pair this white strappy sandal with a lavender dress and accessories that stand out, such as dangle earrings and aviator shades. Then, complete the ensemble with a pair of white strappy sandals by bringing a pop of color to the shoe. 

3. White High Heel

The white high heel will look stunning on your feet if you have a long dress. White shoes are very popular in the fashion industry. This footwear is versatile and can be worn for various occasions. The white high heel is a shoe trend that has been around for years.

When you’re wondering what color shoes to wear, a lavender dress, this is one of the first suggestions I would give you. The white high heel gives your entire outfit a touch of sophistication. Honestly, I think this is the perfect color to wear with a lavender dress because it brings in a pop of cool and bright color compared to the rest of the outfit.

4. Black Lace High Heel 

Black lace is a great shoe trend for this summer because it gives your outfit a futuristic touch. Instead of the usual black fabric, we see lace for the collar, straps, and shoes. These classic lace shoes are in high demand this summer, and I think that’s why so many chic women want to wear them with lavender dresses.

5. Black Lace Thick Heel 

If you have a sweet, romantic, and sophisticated look in mind, this black lace thick heel works perfectly with your lavender dress. Black lace dangles and looks unique with the lavender dress because of its shade. Women with longer dresses can wear this shoe perfect for that elongated look, and there’s no need to worry about the height of the shoe because it’s very long.

6. Black Flat Sandal 

There is a great idea of wearing a black flat sandal with a lavender dress. This is one of the most popular trends this year. You can wear this dip-dye to look more adult and classy. The black shoe makes your outfit look more mature and will also make you taller than you are. This idea is great for anyone looking to wear a dress without heels. A lavender-colored dress with black sandals is perfect for office or casual wear.

7. Beige Ankle Strap Heel 

You can wear a beige ankle strap heel with a lavender dress if you want to look more elegant and stylish. You can match those two colors if you want to get a nice combination of colors but still look sweet. The shoes are very cute and modest, making them suitable for weddings and other special events. This color will give your outfit a more adult look, and you will wear the dress much longer.

8. Silver High Heel Sandal

Another hot color trend for 2021: Silver high heel sandals with the lavender dress. This is one of the best ways to wear a lavender dress. You can match your lavender dress and shoes with a party or a casual day. This trendy color can go well with your outfit. If you’re wearing it on occasion like that, you’re going to feel more classy and sophisticated. 

9. Silver Pump

If you have a lavender dress and silver shoes, you can make your outfit look more elegant and ooze sexy. The shoe will give your outfit a shiny delicate look. Silver pump with the lavender dress is a great way to wear a lavender dress. It’s easy to observe the current trend of wearing this color everywhere. A silver pump with whether a lavender dress is a very common thing seen everywhere on the streets. This color will give you a more elegant, sophisticated look and make your outfit look more classy and elegant.

10. Sliver Clear Shoe

If you want to look more elegant, you can wear a Sliver clear shoe with a lavender dress. This is one of the most popular trends this year. The shoe will give your outfit a very eye-catching look. The color will also make you stand out from others. Wearing this trend in a lavender dress is a great way for you to be fashionable but still look sweet and lovely.

11. Gold Pump Shoes

You can’t go wrong with gold shoes with a lavender dress. The color of your pumps will match the exact tone of your dress, and it can look both sophisticated and elegant. I think everything looks good with little lace gloves, so why not include them in your outfit? These favorite ways to relax are getting things done and wearing a lavender dress with shoes.

12. Red Shoes/Burgundy Shoes 

If you want a fun, bold look this year, then you can’t go wrong with color shoes. From high heels to pumps and sandals, red shoes are the perfect choice for this season. Red shoes are the most popular shoes ever. If you’ve heard about this trend, it’s because it’s everywhere. Everywhere! You can wear red shoes with a lavender dress for your holiday party. It has the same vibe as burgundy. Burgundy is my second favorite because it’s sophisticated and elegant at the same time.

13. Purple Lavender High Heels

If you love purple, why not wear a lavender dress with a pair of purple heels? The color of the shoes can easily complement your outfit and make it elegant. You can mix and match lavender high heels with dresses for a dressy look. Purple shoes are trendy now, especially those with a mix of black and white. A lavender dress and purple high heels combination is a hot trend. 

14. Brown High Thick Heel 

Brown high heels with the lavender dress is a popular trend now. Brown is a neutral color, and it’s one of the most versatile colors in fashion. You can wear brown shoes with gold jewelry or multicolored clothing. Brown will never be out of style, so you’ll always be on-trend if you choose to wear brown shoes with one of your favorite lavender dresses.

15. Nude Clear Shoe 

Another hot trend this season is to wear clear nude heels with lavender dresses. If you’re a shoe lover, you must know that nude shoes are the most popular in recent times. It’s one of the easiest ways to dress up your look. You can wear nude shoes with any outfit, and it will work just fine.

If you want to wear a sexy trend this summer, you can’t go wrong with nude shoes in lavender color with a lavender dress.

16. Nude Pump High Head 

This is a perfect match because the shoe’s shape coordinates with the shape of your dress. The nude pump is also very elegant and goes well with any color, be it brights or pastels. You might think that if you wear a bolder lavender dress, you should invest in a bolder matching shoe. But remember that black items in your outfit will give your look overall structure and balance to wear bolder jewelry or accessories with a softer look.

17.  Nude Flat Sandal 

Another good match is the nude flat sandal. The nude color of the shoe is much softer than the pumps and gives your look a lighter touch.  This is a flat one, so it won’t make you look taller but will have a more delicate and elegant look. This combination works best when you need a dressy blue or purple dress that’s not too heavy. A lavender dress goes especially well with light colors, making the outfit softer and more elegant.

18. Nude Wedge

This is one of the best and most versatile shoes out there. They go with everything and can be worn on any occasion, formal or informal. A nude wedge is summery and also very feminine. When you wear this, you will be getting asked a lot about where to buy it because good wedge shoes are hard to find. Choose a dress with darker shades of purple or plum to play up the color of this shoe.

19. Tan High-Thick Heel Ankle

The color of the shoe is very similar to lavender. It’s also a high heel, giving your look a more formal structure. If you want to kick your look up a notch, these are good shoes for you. With this outfit, I’d advise you to wear earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that have gold in them because of the shiny golden layer of the shoe. It would be too much with one bright color, so you want to add different types of sparkles to your ensemble.

20. Pink High Heel

This is what I call a doubly feminine shoe. Not only is the color light and airy, but the bow and heels also add a girly touch. This is a good choice if you have to attend places where you have to walk a lot to comfort your feet. The pink color of this shoe makes it ideal for more formal occasions with the lavender dress.

You can wear this for your prom, for a semi-formal, informal event, or even at work. The laces and platform are an added embellishment to the shoe, making it more desirable.

Tips For Choosing The Right Color Shoe With A Lavender Dress

1. Suitable skin tone

In choosing a color shoe for a lavender dress, make sure you choose the shade that compliments your skin tone. For example, if you are fair-skinned, choose a shade of purple or plum color for a lighter look than if you have dark skin. Make sure that the color of the shoe works with your tone and not against it.

2. Matching shoes

A matching pair of shoes can do wonders to compliment any outfit. You don’t always have to match the shoes with the dress. You can also match them with other accessories or even your hair. I would advise you to match the lavender color shoe with another purple-colored accessory, especially if it is a dark shade of purple.

3. Color contrast

In choosing a color shoe for a lavender dress, make sure you consider the color contrast. Color contrast refers to how different the two colors are from each other. For example, if you have on a light lavender dress, black shoes will help darken up your look, so make sure you consider that when matching a shoe with your dress.

4. Slickness

The slickness of your shoes is also very important in choosing which color shoes to wear with a dress. A dress like the lavender dress has a lot of embellishments on it already, so you don’t want to overdo it by adding a very shiny and flashy shoe. Make sure the shoes you buy are comfortable, elegant, and feminine but at the same time not overly attractive, so they do not distract people from your outfit as a whole.

5. Layering

In choosing a color shoe for a lavender dress, you also have to consider the different layers that your shoes may have. For example, if you are wearing a dress with embellishments and heels already, as stated above, you don’t want to overdo it by pairing a very shiny pair of shoes because it will make your look cluttered. A simple pair of tan-colored sandals with silver embellishments would be good for layering and not break up the overall color scheme.


Can a lavender dress go well with a nude shoe?

Yes, there are many ways to wear a lavender dress with nude shoes.

This is the first thing you have to do in choosing a color shoe for the lavender dress. If you have a dark skin tone, you can choose almost any shade of purple or plum that you like. 

What is the right lavender dress color for your skin tone?

Choose a lavender dress that is a shade of purple or plum that compliments your skin tone. Many dresses are made in lighter colors, and although they may seem to be the same shade, they have a different effect on darker and fair skin tones. You can go online to find what colors look good on you or ask friends and family who have good fashion sense.

There are many ways to wear a lavender dress with shoes, but some colors work better than others.

Are lavender dresses appropriate for all occasions?

Lavender dresses are versatile and can be worn on any occasion, from formal to informal. Before you buy your lavender dress, make sure you consider the occasion and other factors like the shade of lavender, how tight the dress is, and whether it has a lot of embellishments. A dress that is either too long or too short tight or a see-through one will be inappropriate for some occasions.

Are lavender dresses suitable for prom?

A lavender dress is not exactly the type of gown you would wear to prom. However, if you are on a budget, the lavender dress may be your choice. If you can afford it, though, you should get a more expensive one that is better fitting and has no embellishments, then, by all means, consider it as an alternative.

What is the lavender color?

The name of the color ranges from light to dark. For example, lavender is a lighter shade of violet that is more delicate than deep purple. It is considered more popular in the United States, Europe, and Asia, particularly in Japan and China. It is also known as Shirazu no makura or ‘the flower born at night.’

However, this color has been used for centuries in Asian culture for medicinal purposes. So it has also been called Buddhist medicine or mood enhancer.