2 Live Crew – Pretty Woman Lyrics

Pretty woman, walkin’ down the street
Pretty woman, girl, girl, you look so sweet
Pretty woman, you, you bring me down to the knees
Pretty woman, you make me wanna beg please
Oh, pretty woman

Big hairy woman, you need to shave that stuff
Big hairy woman, you know, I bet it’s tough
Big hairy woman, all that hair, it ain’t legit
‘Cause you look like Cousin Itt
Big hairy woman

Ball-headed woman, girl, your hair won’t grow
Ball-headed woman, you got a teeny-weeny afro
Ball-headed woman, you know, your hair could look nice
Ball-headed woman, first you got to roll it with rice
Ball-headed woman

Here, lemme get this hunk o’ beans for ya
Ya know what I’m sayin’?
This better than Rice-a-Roni
Oh, ball-headed woman

Big hairy woman, come on in
And don’t forget your ball-headed friend
Hey, pretty woman, let the boys jump in

Two-timin’ woman, girl, you know you ain’t right
Two-timin’ woman, you was out with my boy last night
Two-timin’ woman that takes a load off my mind
Two-timin’ woman, now I know the baby ain’t mine
Oh, two-timin’ woman

Oh, pretty woman

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