16 Horsepower – Sac of Religion Lyrics

I’m a rompin’ dead boy
On a long road
What opened up my eyes to this
I’m just trying to keep ’em closed

Hey, feller what ya got in that sac
Is it somethin’ for me?
A little knowin’ is a dangerous thing boy
Please take it from me

‘Cause I’m gone for today boys
Yeah, gone but never far away

She won’t come an’ I won’t follow
Shadows lick the day
I entertained that thought so much, well
It’ll never go away

Get outta here you yellow bellied snake
Slither your way through town
If ever see you again
I’ll put you in the ground

‘Cause I’m gone for today boys
Gone, but never far away

I’ll burn lovely
Swoop on down, grab me round
Land on me I’ll burn lovely
Swoop on down
Jus’ take off that singeing singing gown

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