10cc – How’m I Ever Gonna Say Goodbye Lyrics

I’ve been thinkin’, writin’ you a letter
Maybe telegram would be better
I’ll be worried how it’s gonna get there
So I go and change my mind

Need a little time to chew it over
But everyday I grow a little older
Got the devil sittin’ on me shoulder
Gonna make me change my mind

Got me drinkin’ even got me smokin’
Got me sinkin’ nearly got me chokin’
What’ll you do in the morning?
What’ll you do in the morning when I’m gone?

Thought I’d better have me a vacation
Got my ticket made my reservation
Want my name address and occupation
So I go and change my mind

How’m I ever gonna say goodbye?
How’m I ever gonna go to sleep at night?
How’m I ever gonna close my eyes?
How’m I ever gonna sleep alone at night?

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